Adding Lists and Quotes to my Diary

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I love taking a break with a cup of coffee and my diary. I love black ink and list writing. That’s why I’m participating in 52 Lists in 2013. Each week Moorea posts a new list prompt, and I think it’s perfect as diary writing! This week I caught up by writing the last week’s lists and the latest one (week 15) was about favorite quotes!

52 Lists 2013 - Favorite Quotes week 15

I think everyone with a fascination with words collects quotes in one way or another. I’ve got a little notebook full of them, but these are three of my favorites by three house gurus in different fields. The top one, by Mr Buddha, is my all-time favorite.

What are you writing in your journal?


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4 Responses to Adding Lists and Quotes to my Diary

  1. uncustomary says:

    Awesome! I keep a quote book too, but I think you’ve just inspired me to write each one in a different color!

  2. Marrianna says:

    I’ve been printing out the 52 lists but as yet have not done anything with them. I like your little journal book with color and black pen. Thank you. I just got a box of Inktense W/C pencils today that I want to try. I read in an old magazine article that I can use them dry, wet them, and let the color dry. When I put another layer of Inktense pencil and use water, it will not change the first color. More will be revealed.

  3. S. Young says:

    The quote you show which on your dairy is really nice, the quote which is written by Buddha is very motivational quote and this quotes is the best quote i ever seen. I also save this quote in my note book. Because this quote is really inspire me.

  4. Wendy, Vermont says:

    Your journaling is awesome. I have always condemned my handwriting…sure, it’s neat (I’m a preschool teacher so it has to be readable by four year olds) but it lacks flair. I think I’ll experiment with colors and new fonts. Thanks for the inspirational ideas.

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