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365 Collages | Week 17

Count on me. It’s the Last of April and day number 120 of 2013. I guess that means I’m way over a hundred collages this year. Amazing and good! Today I’ve created six new collages for project 365 and I … Continue reading

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The Quick Way to Learn How to Draw a Face

We are all drawn to faces, and we draw faces all the time in our art. You want to draw a pretty face, right? Me too. But it’s not as easy as you think, right? Wonky eyes, doll like mouth … Continue reading

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Creative Snapshots | Happier at Home

Look for happiness under your own roof. Gretchen Rubin My Nine Years of Blogging is a big part of my personal Happiness Project, much inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s blog and her first book The Happiness Project that I’ve mentioned before. … Continue reading

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Smart Journal volume 1

I have been using a few favorite images in this journal, the Smart Journal Volume 1. Some images (and pretty papers) float around in boxes and folders for years never to find the right place. But in a way that … Continue reading

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Book Review | Creative Illustration Workshop for mixed-media Artists

The stories are all there, just waiting to be told – by you or me or whoever. Katherine Dunn In her book, called Creative Illustration workshop for mixed-media Artists (seeing, sketching, storytelling and using found materials), artist Katherine Dunn talks … Continue reading

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Celebrating Nine Years of Blogging

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while. Gretchen Rubin When a a Blog turns Nine Years Old that is old. Ooooold I tell ya! Reeeally really old in the blogosphere. Especially since … Continue reading

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365 Collages | Week 16 | Grandma Edition

A muse can act as the conscious voice for something your subconscious already knows. Katharine Dunn I’m calling week 16 of the 365 project Grandma Edition because I think most of these collages have a vintage feel. Together they build … Continue reading

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The Amazing Postcard Swap Return

Yes! Opening the mailbox is a favorite part of the #DIYpostcardSwap this time of year. Receiving postcards that are handmade, artsy, funny, detailed, special, beautiful – what a joy it is each year. What a great tradition this swap is … Continue reading

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Adding Lists and Quotes to my Diary

I love taking a break with a cup of coffee and my diary. I love black ink and list writing. That’s why I’m participating in 52 Lists in 2013. Each week Moorea posts a new list prompt, and I think … Continue reading

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Meet my Smart Journal vol 1

Yay! Today is all about my the prettiness of one of my Art Journals! And I’m calling it a Smart Journal. The name is my own invention but mostly just a wordplay. And you know me, I’m a sucker for … Continue reading

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