Warmth for You

Collage: Warmth for You
Warmth for You – original collage by iHanna, February 2013. I am offering it up for sale. I hope you like it.

collage on cardstock
4.7″ x 4.7″ (12 x 12 cm)

Because: As much as the growth of collage box makes me happy it makes me even more happy when I get to ship a collage to someone who appreciate it as the artwork it is meant to be. Hence I will, Plowman style, offer this one for sale for now.

It’s Wednesday and my 7 collages for the 365 Project is done, but not scanned yet. If I can manage I will post them later this week.

Thanks for checking in today!

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2 Responses to Warmth for You

  1. Hanna, I love your collage “Warmth For You”

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