Art Journal Peek: Heart Patterns

Heart pattern art journaling

I haven’t made a decision about it, but it seems I actually am art journaling again – regularly! Probably due to the collage habit and more free time since I’m off work again. These pages are a continuation from last weeks Valentine doodles, made mostly in front of the TV at night, when its dark outside and the pink lights lit up in my window by timer.

Heart Pattern

Things change up a lot. The left brown page, I didn’t like, so it’s already half covered with collage. The right page with the watercolour heart pattern will stay as it is. I like it a lot. And I loooove my polka dot scissors.

A filled Heart

I’ve glued the post-it-note in, because it was a sketch of how to make a quilt heart. I thought it appropriate here.

Are you tired of hearts yet? I’m not.

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5 Responses to Art Journal Peek: Heart Patterns

  1. Carin says:

    I ADORE those scissors! Glad you’re journaling again. I haven’t done any journaling for about a month, but I have been busy doing other stuff.

  2. Jackie says:

    I love those hearts too! Gorgeous colours and so cheerful.
    Fab scissors too!

  3. uncustomary says:

    That simple painted heart pattern is beautiful!

  4. hope says:

    BIG LIKE so simple but so sweet.

  5. April Cole says:

    Oh, these pages are sweet & delightful… simply adore a “peek” into your journals. :]
    The scissors are awesome too!!

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