Artist Trading Card Quick Collages

ATC by iHanna

My friend Madde invited me to a Swedish ATC swap with the theme Colour colour colour. That’s a theme that is hard to resist, right? I used to make a lot of artist trading card collages a few years ago, trading via the internet, but now it’s been a while since I made any at all (though I make a few embroidered ones every year).

ATC idea

I started out by covering a A4 piece of purple cardstock, to not think too much and loosen up a bit. Just play. I filled the surface with lots of colourful bits of paper, mostly what I’d call happy colours.

Colour ATC

Then I turned it over and traced nine ATC sized cards to the back and without looking cut them out. I love every one of them! I added some circle and dot stickers for fun, and called it night.

Artist trading card grid
What a fun way to play, right?

9 paper ATCs

Have a great, colourful day sweet one!

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12 Responses to Artist Trading Card Quick Collages

  1. I read you all the time but rarely comment (it’s all so time consuming, isn’t it?), but I felt compelled to tell you how truly adorable these are! I love the randomness of making a big piece and then cutting it up – without looking/planning no less! Really a bright, fun, energetic project idea to start my monday morning! Thanks for all the inspiration.

    I did work on my 365 collages this weekend and am pleased with some of the ones that showed up….. (thanks for that inspiration push too!)

  2. Madde says:

    Colourful :) Love all your colourful posts dear Hanna. ItŽs great following you. See you soon.

  3. Jordan Hill says:

    I love these so much Hanna! Honestly, they’re just so cool. I think the randomness is what most draws me in. So unplanned; so imperfect. That makes them amazing. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Suzanne says:

    Very nice! I also love your nail polish! ;o)

  5. raylee says:

    very happy bright & colourful……..brightens a grey day! lots of rain here.
    i like the random idea too, the unexpected can be pleasing to the eye.

  6. MichelleWard says:

    Just lovely, and so very YOU!

  7. I love the surprises that come from cutting up a larger piece. I do the same thing – measure and cut from the back so that I don’t overthink it and never quite know what I’ll get. Your cards are wonderful!

  8. Andria says:

    I’ve done postcards this way…turning the paper over and cutting the postcards from the back. What fun serendipity! I love your ATCs…gorgeous colors, fun designs, wonderful overall effect!

  9. Susan says:

    Fabulous, Hanna! I’m going to try this. What kind of adhesive did you use?

  10. Miek says:

    This is great love the bright colours!

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  12. Melyssa R says:

    Thank you for this! I was so inspired that I tried it myself today and had a lot of fun.

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