Weekly Inspiration: Pattrn app + entrepreneurial toolkit

Pattrn Love!

A while back mom asked for help to get a nice background for her new smart phone. I helped her download a random background app that we then both totally fell in love with! I had to install it on my phone too. It has since made me happy every single day!

It’s called Pattrn, and does not only change your phone’s background pattern every day but it lets you choose what patterns you want it to show from a huge library! In this way, every single pattern that shows up, is one that I personally really like and have picked! I love to have both the personalized choice – and the randomness of not knowing in what order they will show up. Try it if you’re on android too!

Download the app here!

Linda's guide for Creative Entreprenurs

Right now I’m reading through Linda’s The Creative Entrepreneur Toolkit, an interesting e-book filled with exercises, advice and ideas for anyone thinking of starting a creative business. Making me dream once again… The toolkit is 140 pages of real experiences (plus many cool illustrated empowering quotes to print).

You can get your copy here!

What digital joys have you found lately?

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5 Responses to Weekly Inspiration: Pattrn app + entrepreneurial toolkit

  1. That app is cool. I just downloaded it. Good inspiration for doodling.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the recommendation on the app!! Very cool. Interesting about the ebook. I would love to hear your review of it.

    I dabble in crafts but am not sure that I could make a living off a business. (I rubber stamp cards and would like to scrapbook.)

    Thank you!

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks for commenting Lisa!

      I only mention the e-book because I recommend it, and think it’s useful. You will get something out of it if you have a passion and are considering selling a craft or a service of any kind, in some big or small way… The exercises will help you “think” and see where you can take those ideas. The first pages are free, so totally worth checking out if you are curious!

  3. linda says:

    Thanks for mentioning my toolkit and what a cool app! Thanks for sharing :P

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