Weekly inspiration: Street art and a Dala Horse on the loose

Dalahäst graffiti
A horse paste-up, decorated like a traditional dalahäst – it’s fantastic, don’t you think? Perhaps made by TED talker Shai Dahan…

And, for your enjoyment, some more inspiration:

Two monsters in Göteborg
Street art monsters, snapped when I was in Gothenburg recently.

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7 Responses to Weekly inspiration: Street art and a Dala Horse on the loose

  1. That guy Shai says:

    That top photo (of the dala horse) is infact by me (the TEDx speaker).
    See ALL my Dalas at thevacantwall.com and thanks for liking it. Made me smile to know someone liked it :)


    • iHanna says:

      Hi Shai, how fun that you found your way to my blog and took the time to leave a comment and your link! I appreciate it, and your art – keep up the good work!

  2. Pysselfarmor says:

    Många kramar från mig!//Gun

  3. Kate B says:

    Yes, I signed up for “Ticket to Venice.” Someday I hope to get there. Looking at the project seems like it will be fun! Come join. You’re not the only one not traveling there anytime soon.
    Aloha, Kate

    • iHanna says:

      Kate, thanks for letting me know that you’re taking the class. I think we should all go to Venice soon, before it sinks. But a virtual tour might be the trick during winter. :-)

  4. deSales says:

    I love mood boards. Never thought of a blog mood board, now why didn’t I think of that?
    Thanks for the links!

  5. Elisabet says:

    I love the dala horse!

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