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There is only one optimist. He has been here since man has been on this earth, and that is man himself. If we hadn’t had such a magnificent optimism to carry us through all these things, we wouldn’t be here. We have survived it on our optimism.
Edward Steichen

Christmas colours

Photographies from my photo folders presented in the series Creativity in Snapshots. Because my entire life is all about this thing called creativity and I’m in love with it. That’s why I document it, and of course, to share it on this here blog.

Scrap journal #1
Journals that are sold
First this pile of handmade journals from a while back. Love this photo. Now they’re all sold except the pink one that I showed pages from a while back. I’ve also added an aqua blue one to the shop.

Finds from a visit at IKEA:

Winter's coming
The white house has visitors
IKEA cart making
I’ve got one of my cute kitty ornaments sitting in the window right now (for sale in the shop), by the white house (that I still love after all these years). The house has a new lodger as you can see. It’s a green owl, found at my last visit to IKEA. I also bought a turquoise cart on wheels there. It sat unfinished for three weeks because there was a problem with one of its parts, but once they sent me a spare I screwed it together and turned it over. I’m loving it sooo much, and it matches my turquoise table and stool (both from IKEA too) almost perfectly! Right now I’m keeping pens, yarn and little embroidery experiments in the cart. Great storage if you ask me.

Bits of my stash out
Because the most colorful and fluffy stuff of my yarn stash is out and about, wanting to become the most crazy scarf you’ve ever encountered in Sweden. And I will be the one to wear it. Yes I will.

How long have women come
And every creative gal needs a measuring tape, and this one is the coolest ever. It was gifted to me and came in a tiny bag that says How long have we come? On the back of the centimeter scale is the most important dates of women history, like when we could vote and such. Love it!

Market Yourself
Still on my living room table is the book Market yourself. I truly recommend it, and I think you should all enter the giveaway to win it!

Have a great day!

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9 Responses to Creativity in Snapshots | Stuff

  1. jenni says:

    Wonderful, the journals, washi tape, and yarn. Love it. And that book sounds really interesting.

  2. Melanie K says:

    You have THE cart I want! I have looked all over for it, and IKEA doesn’t have it (at least in the US). I so NEED this cart!!! I want to store my paints in it …. I just may have to see if you will buy me one and ship it to me …. wonder how much shipping would be? lol

  3. I’ve never seen that cute owl in italian ikea shops. Really a lovely thing to have at home :)
    Are there other kinds of animals in the box?
    And that measuring tape is great!
    Happy Santa Lucia day!!!

  4. linda says:

    Lovely to see all the color – wonderful!

  5. aimee says:

    they look wonderful!! i want that washi tape!

  6. Andria says:

    Your handmade journals are YUMMY, in capital letters! That’s a super-neat tape measure, too.

  7. Chris says:

    I love your journals. I am wondering why I haven’t gotten myself one yet…

    Color! lots of lovely color, Hanna!

  8. Lay Hoon says:

    Lovely photos….
    But the journals catch my view most.

  9. Sheila Earhart says:

    YAY! I LOVE my aqua Ikea cart! I think it may be one of the handiest things I’ve ever purchased! I can wheel it between my studio and the living room so that I can keep my husband company when he’s watching tv.

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