List Prompt #10: Random Facts about Me

The List Journal:

A few years ago these memes with personal questions and random facts about me-lists were very common. Do you remember? I didn’t do very many then, but these kinds of list are fun to jot down in your own journal. So that’s what we have today: Random facts about me. I’d love to hear some random facts about you too, if you feel like sharing…

Want the story behind the List Journal and the fun collaboration that Tammy and I are doing? Check out the intro post and then follow along with our Saturday List Journal prompts. Thanks!

Here is my tenth list, in the List Journal:

List journal: 5 random facts about me

List prompt #10: Random facts about me

  1. I prefer my coffee cooled, or cold
  2. I was born during Easter
  3. I own a pink bike that is totally awesome
  4. I feel lost when I don’t write or journal for a while [love deep writing]
  5. My dream is to one day be my own boss/employer

What about you?

Also here is a photo of my pink bike:
Pink Bike
Isn’t it super cute?

Haha, no just kidding, not mine. But still, very cute.

This is my bike, bought this spring:
Cresent femto

Feel free to share a link to your list below, or via twitter. I’m very curious about this one! And also check out Tammy’s list.

PS: For the curious mind, there is a very old random-fact-list about yours truly going by the long title A Good Girl that Rebels against Rules and needs a reset button that you could check out… Or just leave a comment below and get writing.

Take care!

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8 Responses to List Prompt #10: Random Facts about Me

  1. I just want to thank you for showing the world (well, me) your art journal. Because it feels like the project that I´ve always been waiting for. My journals has always been sort of like a clipbook/a collage of things that I like, and like you I kind of obssesively collect “pretty” papers and intresting pictures and quotes, but has not been to sure why But I´m at least going to try to create an art book because yours seems so amazing and pretty. Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiring me to create!

  2. Mary says:

    1) I’m right handed, but left footed.
    2) When my OCD was at it’s worst I couldn’t turn in a full circle without “unwinding”.
    3) I don’t like the way that fleece feels.
    4) My first car was a stick shift.
    5) In high school I would ask the people giving me pedicures to leave my calluses on because it was painful when I had to re-acquire them for dance.

  3. Corrine says:

    Coffee hot and very strong french roast
    I sing to my five dogs every day
    I have an obsession with collecting kindling for our woodstove
    Raking leaves is one of my favorite activities
    I am left handed but I play gold right handed

    Great list! xox

  4. Corrine says:

    Oops typo I play golf right handed…

  5. Tally says:

    Had to laugh at your bikes :-)
    Mine features a lovely grey called “fehgrau”.
    “Feh” is a squirrel, not in Hamburg, but in Russia (I just learned that while commenting to you. Googled it. Before I thought it’s a German accent from some other part.)
    Makes me happy. (Not you, as I know you.)
    There are many photos on my blog. One today.
    My bike is called “Velofeh”.
    She has to train for her X-mas trip.

    grey-pink greetings from Hamburg to Stockholm

  6. Thanks for your kind words on my list last week Hanna. Love this week’s list. Those are both super cute bikes…I think the second one needs a basket too! ;-)

  7. teddi says:

    cute journal page! those random facts and question lists are still common, especially when blog pass on awards to other blogs. in fact i answered some questions, last wednesday.

  8. Lay Hoon says:

    This interesting prompt make me cracking my head :)
    Here is mine list …

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