Weekly Inspirations: Free Form Quilting

Free Form Quilting - a blog post by iHanna on Free Form Quilting and such fun stuff #sewing

I online-obsess over one or other crafts at times. You know, when you get all obsessed with one craft and can’t stop thinking about it? Does this every happen to you?

At times it’s been all about knitting; then I remember to log onto Ravelry, visit Knitty’s new patterns and bookmark stuff I wish I had time to make. Other times it’s seasonal themes or materials, and right now it’s been crooked/crazy quilting. I have been surfing around and swooning over contemporary crazy quilts. They make me giddy with excitement. The above piece is one of my trials, and the fabric is still out on the table, waiting…

Free Form Quilting Inspiration

Here are a few great links for you to explore

What’s your latest obsession?

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9 Responses to Weekly Inspirations: Free Form Quilting

  1. Rayna’s book is fabulous! It has inspired me to make my own free form pieces although I haven’t gotten into it as much as I wish with every other iron I have in the fire! ;) I have a few current obsessions (sculpture, drawing) but all involve a single theme: animals….I can’t get enough of creating/drawing/painting/sculturing my own twist on a wide variety of critters. My latest show is called “The Motley Menagerie” and that about sums things up!
    hugs, M

  2. Lotta J says:

    My obsession latest week have been watching Gok Wan (brittish fashion stylist) on Swedish BBC lifestile, where they have Goktober:) Gok is very creative when it comes to fixing accessories and fixing high street fashion, his fantastic creativity is the reason I stick watching show after show :)
    But today is EFIT day (Swedish one-photo-per-hour project), and in a couple of hours I will upload my photos.

  3. i’ve been wanting to try this type of quilting but haven’t got to it yet. i know what you mean about obsessing over an art form. i get overwhelmed with ideas.

  4. Laila says:

    Obsessions are well known to me, but I prefer to call them different areas to work within. The last month has been about making rag dolls. It’s so fun and I can’t stop. Some times it’s all about painting/drawing other times yarn and hook and so on. The only thing that helps is to work through the obsession and then start something new. Good luck with your obsessions.

  5. Linda says:

    Hello, just loved this artical about the freeform and would love to know how to start one of these quilts out of old clothes just wasting and do not want to throw away. Can you please have more on this subject I have searched and having a hard time with the syeps to do this. lso can you recommend a book that would be benifical to doing this and places to see pictures ect for ideas,
    Thank you so this peice has inspited me,:)

  6. oh, the video by Robin Ferrier is so beutiful! :)
    THanks for sharing!
    About obsessions… uh, recently I became obsesses by bows and snowflakes and I’m using these two “subjects” in different crafty things :)

  7. Anny says:

    With me it’s all about knitting the last weeks and then I focus on drawing etc..

  8. Madde says:

    If ever (I might again, have before) this is the kind Ill do, free forms my form.

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