Creativity in Snapshots | More photos

Knitting with two colours, how fun to see the pattern grow!

Mushroom cloud on a Blue Sky Day
A growing cloud? A hurricane coming closer? No, it’s just an innocent Mushroom Cloud. I’ve never seen them before, but I’m sure that’s what this is!

Bridge with numbered days to live
Bridge – with numbered days to live. The stone block bridge has been taken down and replaced with steel and concrete.

Too much to eat parsley, will freeze some of it now.

What’s going on in your creative life?

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11 Responses to Creativity in Snapshots | More photos

  1. Mary says:

    That bridge is so great!! And oh my gosh, I would love to see a cloud like that in person, :-)

  2. Great shots of various life issues ~ love the knitting ~ sad the beautiful stone bridge is coming down ~ other photos ~ fun! (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Very creative photos…! I just love finding something NEW on the blogs I visit – instead of the same things, subjects, colours etc. etc. over and over again (too many blog are too boring because they’re much too similar!) Your blog is different… I LIKE! :-)
    *SMILES* from Lisbet

  4. Erica says:

    Just popped in to say how beautiful your nails are. Carry on.

  5. Irene says:

    The numbers on the bridge indicate to me that it Will be carefully stored somewhere, ready to be used somewhere else.

  6. Natasha says:

    I love your nail polish colour!!

    Love then photo of the numbers on the bridge, at the moment my creative life is marked by paint and finishing art journal pages…could be worse!! :)

  7. Mary says:

    Great color combination! Are you going to add turquoise to your knitting? Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment!

  8. Carolyn Dube says:

    Great photos- love all the vibrant colors you’ve captured!

  9. Lotta says:

    Haha…. I also felt an urge for knitting! I have bought one of those quick knit rings in order to make a knitted hat for myself :)

  10. gill says:

    Love the knitting, takes skill to use two colours and that cloud is amazing

  11. Chris says:

    I’m mad about Instagram, so I am keeping my eye on things to take photos of. However, it’s been so busy this week I haven’t done much of that. Otherwise, my creative life is filled with making postcards for swaps, and working on collages for a collaborative journal I’ve started with a friend of mine. I love it when you can put paint, stamps, stencils, collage, stitching, and pockets on loose pages and then send them to someone!

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