Thrifted doilies white again

Thrifted lace

The above pile of bleached, washed and ironed finds belongs to my mother. There’s vintage handmade lace and intricately crocheted doilies. Just looking at this pile makes my heart sing! It was quite a while since I posted my thrifted finds, even though I have a whole category about thrifting where I used to show a few lovely finds in the past. I guess it’s rather empty because I don’t buy as much any more. I try to use what I have. But I still love to go into thrift shops, take a look around and rummage through bins of trash/treassures. And sometimes my mom shares a few of her finds with me (pretty pieces of fabric or a few skeins of floss), though this time I only got some photos…

White washed doilies are pretty, right?

Thrifted doily 1
Thrifted doily 2
Thrifted doily 3

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4 Responses to Thrifted doilies white again

  1. Natasha says:

    White washed doilies are very pretty! This post makes me want to go check out my local thrift stores even though the last thing I need is more stuff. :)

  2. Chris says:

    Hanna, we have some lovely linen and tatted lace and other doilies. Would you like to have them? I would send them out to you if you’d like. Except for a few bits, I really won’t be able to honor them appropriately.

    These are so white and pretty.

  3. Beautiful! My mother made mountains of these–tatting, crocheting, lacemaking. Always white or off-white. Never crooked or off. I love looking at them, but I’m glad I don’t have to iron and starch them anymore!

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