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If you secretly know that you are capable of more than what you see around you, you are ready to step out of line. If you have a great idea for a new product or company or project, you are ready to step out of line. […] If you are looking for an outlet for your bold, charismatic self and your secret imaginings, you are ready to step out of line.
Nell Merlino, Stepping Out of Line)

May I inspire you with my May Inspiration mosaic? It’s a bit late, but I was working this weekend at a conference, where I among others, meet Nell Merlino. I am going to order her book for summer reading, because it’s high time I step out of line.

May Inspiration 2012
May Inspiration Mosaic from flickr, click the image to view the original photos and creators. To view the mosaic big click here, and set it as your desktop background perhaps. I love doing that.

Happy Sweden’s National Day today!

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3 Responses to May I inspire you

  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for the mosaic. I have set it as my backround. Now every time I turn my computer on I will have a beautiful backround for inspiration.

  2. Hanna, you have a lovely site (or blog)…
    The mosaic is great, and that book by Merlino is already in my Amazon cart. ;-)
    I loved the Stepping out of Line quote you have there. I must be ready too.

  3. Carol says:

    Beautiful. So well put together. Like the way all the colors play off each other.

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