Art journal peek: home of random things

Art Journal: Swedish and free
Another quick glossy collage in my art journal, contradicting the “art” part but very much feeling like “a journal”. Like a home of random things, of my ephemera.

Again, a thousand circles living on one spread: polka dot wrapping paper and recycled office/meeting doodles! Each page includes so many different elements and ideas.

If you’re lucky, and working in an altered book, you can leave one of the original images peeking through your collage layers. This seal was there all along, and he is staying:

Art journal detail: hot and free

If you want to draw inspiration from this one spread you could try:

  • use markers on a magazine image
  • use a favorite printed photo as collage fodder (I made the embroidered owl last year and love using this image in my journals)
  • include someone elses pretty card (the blue face is a card by Karen that I got in a giveaway)
  • recycle old, loose paper doodles or meeting notes
  • always save (and use) pretty wrapping paper because they are perfect in collage work
  • dig out tiny bits too pretty to throw away from your scrap box
  • …or cut out designed items you appreciate and just glue them in there too!

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7 Responses to Art journal peek: home of random things

  1. I love these random pages. They tell a story all their own and are inventive, providing a wonderful memory of their own.

  2. tina says:

    love the randomness yet fullness of this page. so much to see.

  3. Hagit says:

    I love this! Why do you think it’s contradictory to “art”?

  4. Elin says:

    Vad kul att bläddra på din blogg, det var visst ett tag sen jag gjorde det. En riktig energiinjektion i ett ordnat kaos liksom :)

  5. Gerti says:

    Office doodles! I never thought to incorporate office doodles! Thanks! Love your blog and your art!

  6. Mary says:

    These are really fun pages.

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