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An important part of a cozy home is the greenery, don’t you agree? The indoor greenery makes a room feel like a home and not a naked hotel room. Some plants in your home will create a warmer and more alive environment. With lots of plants you can create an indoor jungle or forest, or just a balcony feel. I’m not there yet with my flower window, but I’m really liking it right now. I also have a few smaller plants in my tiny kitchen where I have a roof window giving them plenty of sun.

Also, plants help to keep the air fresh as it produces oxygen.

I knew, of course, that trees and plants had roots, stems, bark, branches and foliage that reached up toward the light. But I was coming to realize that the real magician was light itself.
Edward Steichen

The latest addition in my flower pot family, staying in my living room window, is this small ivy plant. I love the form and colour of the leaves and how it grows upwards and out; like it’s going somewhere.

In Swedish the Ivy is called murgrŲna which loosely translates to “brick wall greenery”, probably because of it’s climbing nature. I think it’s beautiful. The flower pot is a tea mug (thrifted) that I never used. Getting cute and perfect planters is half the fun. I do enjoy trying to find the right size at flea markets.

Looking out at rain

More greenery in my spray paint post from last summer. And in the tutorial section of this blog you can check out how I made my rosy china mosaic pot, still going strong.

What is your favorite window/indoor plant?

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3 Responses to Home Comforts: Ivy greenery

  1. Recently I received an orchid as a gift (blogged!) and it is a lovely pink creature in my home :)
    Love it!
    I also like all kinds of succulents

  2. mad madge says:

    I love indoor plants. They keep me from going crazy in the winter plus they add oxygen to the air. I have a built in table/nook in the kitchen that gets lots of morning light. I usually put the plants there in the winter. Right now, I have most of the indoor plants on the front porch since the weather is nice. The only plants inside are my philodendrons and my orchid.

    • jan says:

      Hi! I’ve always wanted to put some of my plants outside in the summer but am afraid they could get bugs and then I’d be passing those on when it’s time to come back inside. Do you ever get bugs? thanks, jan

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