Art Journal Peek: Doodles on paint

I think birthdays and springtime (and birthdays in springtime) are a great time to think about all the things we love. When I need a dose of youth, I can draw from the positive energy of all that is good in my life and in my world.

Art journal doodle details
Art journal doodle details

Art journal doodle details

Details of a journal page I made, and the whole spread:

Doodles on acrylic paint, painted flowers, magazine image + quote, ink, pen, vintage text page, date stamp and washi tape.

It’s about my endless fascination with circles and swirls.

What patterns are repeating or reoccurring in your art/head?

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8 Responses to Art Journal Peek: Doodles on paint

  1. Emily Lagore says:

    I love your colourful doodles Hanna!! I too have been doodle obsessed – last month was straight line mandalas and this month it’s been all about the fantasy flowers – repeating patterns trying to achieve depth and variation in line. It’s a lot of fun and I am really enjoying myself!

    ps. I have a spring birthday too! happy belated to you :)

  2. Deb Prewitt says:

    I always love circles and swirls too. They seem to find their way into most of my work, although I’m not opposed to some nice grids as well.

  3. Andria says:

    Aww, Hanna, I just made my husband pause the TV so I could tell him that you quoted me in your blog post…thank you!! Your journal spread looks amazing. I love circles and swirls myself, though there is the definite order of grids in much of my work. Very interesting to look for recurring patterns!

  4. Rhiannon says:

    The bright colours are so uplifting! It’s a gloomy autumn day in New Zealand today so this spread really brightened my day =)
    I am really into drawing swirls & raindrops at the moment. There is just something about the shape of raindrops that I find quite relaxing to draw repetitively. They usually develop into a paisley type shape after drawing lots hehe.

    Rhiannon xxoxx

  5. Arielle says:

    Beautiful journal pages, Hanna! I always look forward to your posts – your artwork never fails to make me smile! I love your use of bright, happy colors and your style in general. Thanks for bringing a big smile into my rainy day!
    Big hugs,

  6. Hagit says:

    So colorful and beautiful! For me, it’s also circles, and dots and flowers. Oh, and hearts! But I try to keep the hearts down to a certain minimum ;-))

  7. I love this its so SPRING. I wish spring really did look like this. It’s actually grey and rainy and windy :)

  8. Molly says:

    Very beautiful! I love the mixed media, you’re art speaks volumes! Keep up the good work!

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