Collage: Rather wise orange owl

2011-09-25 wise autumn owl
Collage Wise Orange Owl, by iHanna.

Just listed this one at my Etsy Shop! I hope you like it.

BTW, if you want to know how awesome I am you shouldn’t read my blog, because Chris says it so much better than I ever could – and with humor! *grin*

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1 Response to Collage: Rather wise orange owl

  1. Sarah (Flo) says:

    Well, I love your wise old owl, I agree with Parabolic Chris that you are awesomesauce, and what’s more, I’m here to say a very loud THANK YOU because one of your fantastic meta postcards arrived in my mail today!

    I’m super happy to be lucky enough to receive a card from the hostess with the mostest :)

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