List of Creative Achievements 2011

The Year in Photos. Click play to watch the slide show.

Last year I compiled a list of my creative achivement of 2010 to celebrate the year. I am doing the same this year, and here is my list:

  1. The first class I took was the online photography class A slice of life by Darrah Parker, where we asked questions like What matter most?
  2. I discovered and fell in love with pitt brush pens
  3. I started with the intention of daily art journaling but found out I couldn’t keep up and didn’t want to. I continue to enjoy every-now-and-then journaling and have filled a thick hand bound journal during this year.
  4. Filled 2 diaries with hand written journaling about everyday life
  5. I played with†wool embroidery†again
  6. I was part of two embroidery exhibitions with my embroidery group
  7. I posted a creative nudge about using gray in your art journal at Diana Trout’s blog
  8. I posted a very popular tutorial on How to make your own planner and continued to use my planner during the year
  9. I painted flowers on wood and was happily supriced by the result
  10. I was invited to write a guest post for Julie Balzer’s popular blog
  11. I started a sketchbook with colour studies where I used oil pastels and added Paper weaving
  12. I experimented with cloth weaving as a base for embroidery – inspired by Jude Hill
  13. I taught my first class in real life on how to make sketchbooks
  14. I made tiny tiny embroidery squares (inchies) in pink for a swap
  15. Invited Pian Bates to our town. She held a class where we painted, printed and hand dyed fabric and learned a little about sketching for embroidery
  16. I arranged the The DIY Postcard Swap for the second year and had over 280 participants
  17. Arround my birthday I joined the crusades and made a mini-book called the forensic report
  18. I got my collaborative ocean embroidery back and it was awesome!
  19. I gave away 2 different online creative classes (held by blog friends) through this blog
  20. I sent in my Grids and lines sketchbook to The Brooklyn Art Library in the US
  21. I tried masking fluid for the first time
  22. I created a collage here and there but didn’t make nearly as many as I would’ve wished for
  23. I sewed an embroidered ball†in wool, and taught the technique to co-workers at Nova
  24. I read a book about found faces and started to look for them everywhere
  25. I experimented some with wire and fabric
  26. I finally sewed my own bunting flags and hung them outside in the trees for my birthday (they were also used during Easter and at my brothers graduation party)!
  27. I crochet a purple Heart Cat (hjärtekatt) and donated it to a child with a weak heart
  28. I created over 60 collages on index cards during the Index-Card-a-Day summer that Tammy invited us to
  29. I almost lost all my blog posts, moved my domain to a new server and finally got to update wordpress to a newer version and started to tag old posts, rearrange categories and update the look of almost everything
  30. Participate in 5 of the 12 crusades†at Michelle Ward’s Street Team
  31. I attended Jennifer Lee’s first ever Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit and Goddess Leonie’s World’s Biggest Summit online (I watched almost all the videos, except those that was a bit too much voo-voo for me)
  32. Bought Moleskine notebooks on sale and pimped another one with paper patchwork
  33. Started to keep a numbered content index in my diaries
  34. Created a lot of fabric ATC’s (especially embroidered owls) and made†a tutorial on how to finish those with a sturdy paper backing
  35. I arranged a FB-swap for embroidered ATC:s and had about 30 participants
  36. I tried to keep a blog in Swedish too but didn’t succeed in writing much for it
  37. Went to Nusnäs for midsummer and took lots of photos for the Dala Horse Craftalong; how the wooden horses are made, painted and sold
  38. Continued to use Pinterest
  39. Took the time to document street art†just because I enjoy it
  40. Was (and still am)†obsessed with doodling using a black pen, mostly in the diary where I also write morning pages
  41. Read Quinn McDonald’s book Raw Art Journaling and was inspired to try several of her techniques (like the confetti line doodle) in my own art journal. I also got the chance to give a copy of her book away to one of my readers in Europe!
  42. Went to Gotland with the guild and learned a new knitting pattern
  43. Was seen in the magazine Året Runt in an article about my Embroidery group, which also was featured on a blog about local cultural events this year
  44. I made my first wreath (using a recycled red sweater to make roses from)
  45. Designed my own moving box labels and made them colour coded
  46. Sewed an awesome book cover using acrylic paint and free motion sewing on the sewing machine (love that combo!) and finally assembled painted and sewn envelopes to a hand bound journal
  47. Read lots of inspiring books about collage, art and creative expression but less about personal development than previous years
  48. Wrote quite a few†book reviews about awesome books that I wanted to share with you all on my blog
  49. Finally found myself a new place to live and went into nesting mode
  50. Fell in love with my new home
  51. Painted my secondhand livingroom table turquoise
  52. And then†a stool too
  53. Redesigned and became the webmaster and editor in chief of Sweden’s Embroidery Guild’s homepage
  54. Presented the homepage to the members at the annual meeting with a crowd of about 150 persons listening to me
  55. Took a self portrait with my android phone every day during the entire summer
  56. Got a paying job with my own office room from June to December where I got to write articles, blog posts and tweet professionally, which is probably the reason this list is not as complete as it would be otherwise
  57. Together with the editorial staff of the Embroidery Guild I created two more issues of the member’s magazine about embroidery
  58. Bought a turquoise Lamy Safari Pen and ink
  59. Joined Flattr on Pay a blogger Day to give my readers a way to pay a little for all the time and love I poor into these posts…
  60. Experimented with watercolours on fabric and embroidery on top of that
  61. Played with my first inkblot creatures, inspired by Leah
  62. Sent in a embroidery (called Fšngslande) to the Embroidery Guild’s contest Guldnålen (Gold Needle)
  63. Made a page in my Art Journal that was a pink tribute, a contribution to Daisy Yellow’s rainbow experiment
  64. Hung pink lights in my window
  65. made and sent out embroidered Magic Feathers to Jude Hill in NY
  66. created my own ATC album
  67. I bought a 50 mm lens for my Nikon because the only other lens I own broke. Just recently I also bought myself a pink everyday camera (an Ixus again) for more wide angled shoots, movie making and on-the-go-photography
  68. I read 44 books and watched quite a few movies and tv-series too
  69. One of my articles about creativity got translated from Swedish into Danish and published in the magazine Haandarbejdets Fremme
  70. And, let’s not forget: I wrote 170 posts for this blog – which inspired many of you to be creative too

Celebrating my accomplishments

These are some of my main creative achievements during 2011. I have written this list to celebrate a rich and busy year where I feel like I’ve grown in many ways, mostly professionally. I haven’t blogged everything that I wanted to share with you guys but such is life. I feel a little disappointed over the opportunities I have seen/gotten but let slip through my fingers this year. It’s easier for me to remember the big mistakes – but this list is not about them (though next year I’d like my list to be a little more like Jenn’s). Instead let me feel grateful for big changes like; enough money to pay my bills, a new home for myself, the (few) friends that kept calling/sending email requests to see me, overall good health, having co-workers and daily habits, new music experiences, finding a way to exercise that I actually enjoy – and lots of ideas left to pursue through 2012!


I’m posting this list for the first crusade of the year too. Crusade #59 is about making a ta-da list, and that is exactly what my list is about. I’m printing it and putting it into my journal for safe-keeping. Also check out my previous post with favorite posts from 2011 and watch the photo slideshow in the beginning of this post. And let me know your thoughts. Was 2011 good to you?

I’ve achieved a lot! Celebrate with me, will you?

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18 Responses to List of Creative Achievements 2011

  1. Jeannine says:

    This was fun to read, Hanna, and such a great exercise. Best wishes for a creative 2012! :)

  2. Cath says:

    Oh my goodness- I can’t believe how much you have achieved, and how much information you have on hand. Such as, you know how many books you’ve read (thanks to your planner). I am so impressed. I hope 2012 is an even better and brighter year for you.

  3. Oooh! This is a very lovely review of a year – terrific accomplishments and memories too. Bravo to you girl!! Thanks for sharing with the team, and leading by example how to celebrate our Ta-Da’s. Well done girl….and as Cath said, hoping 2012 is even better.

  4. Mary says:

    I enjoyed seeing your review of the past year…my, my…how do you do all that? :) Keep doing what you are doing and have a great 2012.

  5. Such an impressive list, Hanna! You should be so proud of yourself!!

  6. Carin says:

    Hanna, you sure have achieved a lot this year! And it was a great reminder for me, a reader, of some of the fun things in your archives to go back and look over. Think I may keep track of my achievements this year too since it kind of fits with my word for the year (gratitude).

  7. I love your photo video of accomplishments – and that list is amazing! I like the idea of celebrating what you accomplished last year instead of setting unrealistic expectations for the new year. I have a few loose goals to help move me forward, but now I’ll definitely find a way to chronicle/journal/remember my accomplishments as I go through the year. It’ll take some thought to see if I can compile a list for this crusade. Congrats!

  8. Wow you did so well! I found your blog while searching Google for a tutorial on how to make a cat bed! I’ve fallen in love with your blog and will be back to read all about your adventures! Lots of love xx

  9. Michelle says:

    Wow! You are quick! And what a list!!! Great work! You have inspired me to get to my list making / review.

  10. This is genius! I’m trying to get back into some creative exercises & this may get me going. Thank you for sharing & reminding us to celebrate our accomplishments.

    Happy Creative New Year

  11. Chris says:

    WHAT a major WOW.
    You blow me away.
    and that’s not easy.

    Awesome work, Hanna
    Happy New Year to you!


  12. ta daa is right. that’s quite a list of accomplishments for the year.

  13. Lisa Hoffman says:

    are you KIDDING me?…this is amazing. I may just photocopy your list and hang it in my face as motivation. Bravo-Bravo-Bravo!

  14. Olga says:

    Dear Hanna! All the best to you in 2012! Let it be the best year yet – both personally and professionally for you :) You have been amazingly productive in 2012, keep it up and keep inspiring others – what you are doing really really rocks!!!

  15. Oh my!!! I am blown away by how prolific you are! You must have the energy of two four year olds! I’m tired just looking at your wonderful list, but inspired at the same time! :D You do so much and so well… looks like you were a very busy girl, and I dare say you enjoyed yourself! Happy 2012!

  16. What a great list!! You GO girl!! I have bookmarked you so I can come back and see what you are up to again – although I think I may pale in comparison ;) Have a great weekend!

  17. Daphne says:

    Great accomplishments!

  18. sheila says:

    This is eye-popping and hugely inspiring. Thank you for sharing so much Hanna. It is great to see such an organised list and with so much creativity – such energy there. I hope you were encouraged yourself by just how much you were able to achieve.

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