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Vintage needle holder gets new life

This is my needle holder, part of the makeover series before and after. I found a vintage needle holder with slots for spools around it, at a flea market one summer. When in painting and recycling mood I took the … Continue reading

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The Blue Watercolour Tide

It’s already week 4 of 2012! I just noticed how quick the days roll by. I think I haven’t taken good care of those days. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know how, but I really want to make an … Continue reading

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Weekly inspiration: The blind quilter

Video from youtube: The blind quilter. If she can create, you can too. [via] When a blind quilter can quilt, you’re not allowed to say “I can’t”. There is no such thing as “I’m not creative”. Also inspired by: Taking … Continue reading

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Creative Photography with a Smart Phone

I’ve had my smart phone, a HTC wildfire, since last year and I really enjoy some of its features… I started playing with a few simple free games (like TouchBlock etc) and I still play, sometimes when I’m feeling stressed … Continue reading

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Art journal peek: Painted balls of sunshine

Working in/with Creative Discovery, exploring the circle and all its colours. Circles that starts to shine as soon as I’ve painted them, turning into little balls of sun. Related PostsSew with acrylic painted fabric Make your own Patterns at ColourLovers … Continue reading

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Instant gratification craft

Upcycled tape holder. I like when it’s easy to change something ugly into something pretty in a few minutes, even if it’s just a tape dispenser… I love instant gratification crafts. Yes. I like to decorate my world. I like … Continue reading

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Photo walk: reflections

Painted railing along the water, photographed on a recent walk. And some more photos from my easy to carry Ixus camera (it’s a pink ixus 115 HS and I really love how easy it is to use – and bring). … Continue reading

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Art Journal Peek: Smilla

Sketch II of my cat Smilla. A live drawing of my cat Smilla in my Art Journal #16. She lives with my parents right now, but for a week I had her in the apartment and took the time to … Continue reading

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Take a stitch Tuesday

The flying stitch. I’m trying it out for the first time. I read about TAST, the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge arranged by Sharon of Pin Tangle, on Natalie’s blog and was imidiatelly intrigued by the idea. When I went … Continue reading

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Art Journal number 17: Creative Discovery

My new journal for the year. Instead of writing this post I’v been sitting here looking at stacks of journals. I had to walk to the bookshelf to take out older volumes, and check dates and years in them. I … Continue reading

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