Art journal peek: On butterfly wings

On butterfly wings
A page in my Art Journal: On butterfly wings. Pencil, pen and watercolours.

It’s one of the last white pages in my current art journal, and it’s no longer white. Maybe I will fill the last pages this weekend? I started it as this year begun and it has been a slow process of filling the pages with drawings, collage and words. I have not been able to keep up any daily habits at all this year, even though I tried here and there. But I enjoy my time with this journal, and that is a good feeling.

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8 Responses to Art journal peek: On butterfly wings

  1. Caatje says:

    That is one very sweet page.
    As for daily habits: I think things can only be a real habit if it’s okay to skip a day or two or three every now and then without beating yourself up over it. I consider writing every morning my daily habit. What it means is that I write about 80 tot 85 % of the days and the rest I don’t have time, am running late or just don’t feel like it. What makes it a habit is the fact that I keep coming back to it without any pressure and become grumpy if too many days pass without me doing it, because I start to miss it. I think forcing yourself to keep up a really daily habit is almost undoable. We’re people, not robots. Congrats on almost finishing your journal. I wish I could leaf through it!

  2. Barb says:

    I just love your blog. Your work is fantastic. On your site, is there any tutorials that show how you can make an art journal? I visited many sites, but they just can’t compare to your work.

  3. Connie B says:

    Oh I love your page :) so full of color & life. Just wonderful!!!

  4. Raylee says:

    who said your habits had to be daily?…..i think we put too much pressure on ourselves sometimes…….take away the deadlines & let it happen . i find the creativity begins to find its own rhythm. ….gorgeous, colourful butterfly page, i like the bluebird page too.

  5. anastasia says:

    I think you are doing an amazing job in your journal! Good luck next year!!!

  6. Andria says:

    Very pretty! I try to journal daily, but I agree with Raylee above, who says we should take away the deadlines and just let it happen. So much more fun that way, too!

  7. Mary says:

    Hi Hanna…this is a beautiful page and so is the pink one below. I have learned not to make any pledges to myself to do anything each day….because I will break it for sure :)

  8. April Cole says:

    Very lovely journal page.
    Such an inspiring post as well…”I enjoy my time with this journal”, so true.
    Thank you for sharing :]

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