Third of Advent

Advent (from the Latin word adventus meaning “coming”) is a tradition almost everyone honours here in Sweden. It’s a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Christmas. However you choose to celebrate the holidays the count down is made by lightning candles. One each Sunday until the 24th, so today is 3d of Advent and I’ve lit my un-traditionally looking advent candlestick.

As I was walking home from the train the other day, in the darkness of the early evening, I was thinking how nice it is to see all the lit windows. Electric candlesticks, stars and twinkle lights everywhere you look. It’s like everyone is joining in to make this dark month a little bit more light.

Wishing you a beautiful Advent!

PS: Also check out cute christmas labels, christmas craft ideas (one of my pinterest boards) and Nina who is doing a drawing a day in December.

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4 Responses to Advent

  1. Laila says:

    Yes, Advent is such a great time. We celebrate it here too and the windows truly are a sight these days. I hope you have a joyful Advent too.

  2. Hi Hanna – I’m trying to contact you via email. Could you please email me at shannonganshorn at gmail dot come? I want to tell you about my new project and see if you can participate!!!

  3. I’m with you Hanna – love candlelight, especially on the table on December evenings. I think this is the longest ever Advent season – my first candle is already getting very small and we have another week to go. I’ve become a big fan of the battery powered votives….look lovely around my nativity with no worry about fire.
    Happy Advent to you too.

  4. Kim Mailhot says:

    I too have been noticing the presence of light in the darkness this year. It feels good for the heart and soul !
    Wishing you a heart filled with light, Lovely One !

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