I own a Lamy Safari

Lamy Safari test doodles
Lamy Safari test doodles

I’ve been wanting this fountain pen for a few years, hearing only good things about it. And now I own one. It’s called Lamy Safari and I got it from Jetpens (which was a really bad idea because when it came through customs I had to pay toll for it)! So it is a very expensive pen, but it sure is pretty and it matches my turquoise life right now.

I haven’t played around with the new pen very much yet, but it’s a nice pen to write and doodle with. The blue ink cartridge came with the pen, but as soon as it’s empty I will fill this baby up with some black waterproof ink (I bought a bottle of Carbon Ink that I hope I’ll like) and doodle some more.

Guess what TV-show I was watching while doing these flowers?

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23 Responses to I own a Lamy Safari

  1. Stephanie says:

    Fastnade direkt på blomsidorna. Och sen: Snygg penna! So I thank you for the pen site link – I’m in big trouble now!

  2. Kira says:

    I love my Lamy! I did the same thing as you when I got it — opened my journal to a blank page and doodled my heart out! What size nib did you get? Mine came with a F, but I bought the EF because I like thin lines. It’s so cool you can switch them! And you have the same one as me — pretty turquoise!

  3. gorgeous mandalas! they are so wintry, and remind me of snowflakes. and i sang (rather than read) “i’m no superman” .. so i’m guessing scrubs. :)

  4. Verna says:

    That’s the fountain pen that I had put on my wish list! I was hoping to get one for Christmas. I’m curious too, which nib size did you get? I’ve been wavering between the fine and medium nibs.

  5. I hadn’t seen these pens before but they look really nice. I may have to put it on my wish list… It looks like it makes gorgeous doodles.

  6. April Cole says:

    This pen looks fantastic! Doodle away :]
    Thank you for sharing… putting on my wish list.

  7. steph says:

    me tooo and it’s a similar color :)) ….try Noodler’s ink, Hanna….especially the bullet proof ones….enjoy!!

  8. Oh my God is there anything which isn’t beautiful on your blog?

  9. Marylin says:

    I got mine just recently too, same colour! Would you believe they sell them in WH Smith here in the UK? I was *so* excited when I saw it! :)

  10. Marit says:

    I don’t know the branch – but I’m a junk when it comes to pens… I totally understand your excitement! Enjoy, enjoy beautiful one! Go doodle some more!

  11. Karen D says:

    Were you watching Scrubs?
    Looks like a lovely pen. I am inclined more to black ink too but I think your blue doodles look quite lovely. : ) Do you know this site: http://www.leighreyes.com/ ?

  12. Lillbro says:

    Flower power!

    And were you watching Scrubs?

  13. Chris says:

    How nice to hear about a new pen! I’m a pen addict. I think pen addiction can end a relationship. Often, it’s a difficult choice.

    I’m going to go check this out. If it can make me doodles like this, it’s worth the tole!!

    p.s. I’d guess the tv show, but I’m behind on your postings, so I’m not sure what you’re watching, yet.

  14. Karen says:

    I have this very same pen with a 1.1 cursive italic. I really love it. It’s a happy color.

  15. Kates says:

    Be careful with the Carbon ink (i’m assuming it’s the Platinum brand). You can use it with fountain pens, but it has the potential to clog the feed. Make sure to rinse the pen out often when you are using that type of ink. Here’s a discussion on the Fountain Pen Network.

    If you want something waterproof, I’ll second the recommendation for Noodler’s brand. My favorite shop is Goulet Pens (No affiliation) I don’t know if that will help with the duties/taxes or not.

    Anyway, enjoy your pen! If you get hooked, there’s a whole world of fountain pens out there…

  16. Tammy says:

    Hanna, The photo of your blue sweater and shiny pen is so crisp and lovely. I’ve been contemplating the purchase of a Lamy Safari and I will be curious to learn how this compares to a rapidograph or pointed calligraphy nib. Your doodles are so happy!

  17. Gina says:

    I just ordered a new set of Prisma pencils and am going pay duty on them :( I have put Lamy on my list for next month, lol! Beautiful doodling and love the ink color. Tack för att hjälpa mig ge min konst missbruk! :)

  18. Kym says:

    I have a pen like that too. In a different color. I got the medium nib. Did you get the adapter so you can fill it with different kinds of ink? Oh my. Now I want to doodle all day! Have fun.

  19. Nina says:

    Beautiful images – as always! I love my Lamys too, I think I have five. Not the pretty turquoise, though… I have had no problems with Platinum Carbon Ink in mine, but it is probably wise to rinse the pen every second refill or so.
    Seems to me that the Carbon ink doesn’t really go well with the Moleskine paper, though. Otherwise I love it – waterproof. :)
    Underbara doodles! :)

  20. Linda R says:

    I just entered a whole new world…..where do I go to begin this love affair with pens? Where do I begin??

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  22. Terri Kahrs says:

    Ohhh! Something wonderful for my 2012 Wish List!!! I adore pens and LOVE fountain pens!!! If I am lucky enough to get one, I wonder if it will help me doodle as superbly as you!!! Happy creating & Happy 2012! Hugs, Terri ♥

  23. Nyx says:

    I am onto my second Lamy, my first one was a red safari, and as someone who is not particularly mindful of what happens once it is in my bag (along with whatever counts as a sketchbook at the time I can say I highly recommend these. I favour the safari (only because I can’t put 500$ up for the one I really would like :P) Currently I have a clear with turquoise ink.. my previous was red with turquoise ink. Oh in case you are wondering.. the red one was lifted from my possessions and not returned by some ill mannered fiend.

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