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Collage journeys by Jane Davies

Collage is all about taking imagery and materials out of their original contexts, or circumstances, and putting them in new ones. At its best, collage is about recontextualizing materials, giving them new life and new meaning. Jane Davies Today’s post … Continue reading

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Making a fabric journal cover

I’ve been working toward more book binding for over a year now, but it is a very slow process for me because it includes so many steps. First I started to decorate pages made from old envelopes and couldn’t stop. … Continue reading

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Free Moving Box Labels to print

Before moving I made my own colourful labels for moving boxes! I thought you’d enjoy them too! Each label is colour coded with a header title so you know what room it needs to go to or what it mostly … Continue reading

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Wallpaper on a tin can

Quick organisation tip today! I’ve got several containers on my desk that holds pens, pencils and paint brushes. I love using recycled glass jars but with pens and brushes it tends to look busy with all those items on a … Continue reading

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