Embroidered Inchies Cut to Size

Dark pink inchies

The first batch of embroidered inchies was light pink and a slow process. This second batch of pink inches is now complete. I finished these much quicker mostly because I didn’t feel like sewing more french knots. I was feeling like:
– Gaah, I want to finish this now!
So I did.

Cutting inchies

When they were all finished I took them out of the embroidery hoop and ironed on a backing so that the fabric edges wouldn’t unravel when I cut through the fabric. I used a one sided iron-on adhesive. Then I cut each inchie out on the quilt mat using the quilt ruler and cutter.

All my embroidery inches
Ta-daa! Lots of finished embroidery inchies.

Lots of them!

Finished embroidery inches
Finished embroidery inches
Finished embroidery inches
Finished embroidery inches
Finished embroidery inches
I have already swapped these for other colours and those inchis are waiting in an envelope for me to “do something” with them!

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13 Responses to Embroidered Inchies Cut to Size

  1. Andria says:

    Fun! I love how they look when they are all cut out. I especially like the bright pink ones. Very nice.

  2. Bridgit says:

    Your pale pink inchies were so adorable I was inspired to make some of my own and put them on a scarf! I haven’t assembled it yet, but I’ll leave the inchies as a solid band (I embroidered lines between them) and sew that near the end of the scarf. I posted pictures of the WIP on my blog: http://stuffandnonsense66.blogspot.com/

  3. jeanette says:

    Long time since I made some inchies. Think I might do some this wekend. You inspired me. I most often make mine using wet and needle felting…but now I feel like some embroidery would be fun. I just have to finish the ATC swap and the DIY postcard swap that you got me started on first ;-)

  4. Sharon says:

    Your inchies are just wonderful! I haven’t thought of embroidering them, but now I may have to try it. I love inchies! I like all of yours, but esp the light pink notted ones. Great job on them! :)

  5. sandie says:

    I’ve never heard of inchies before, but how cute are they?!
    I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  6. They really turned out nice Hanna. What do you plan to do with the ones you receive?

  7. Lee says:

    I really like the results Hanna. The colours are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see where they end up.

  8. Arielle says:

    They turned out beautifully, Hanna! So pretty and happy! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  9. Sister Diane says:

    These are magnificent, Hanna! And what a cool idea for making them non-raveling. Love all those French knots!

  10. MissKoolAid says:

    You have more patience than I do! Kudos to you for creating such beautiful tiny works of art!

  11. pam says:

    Oh and I love the magenta series too! All together – the pink and the magenta – they are sooooo delicious.

  12. jeronimama says:

    I love this – I would love to make one and frame it. My kids’ room is space themed. I wonder if I could make it little Constellations – oh that would be cool on a dark navy blue/tie-dye background.

  13. So pretty! What are you going to do with them? :)

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