Today’s Guest Post at Balzer Designs

Art Journal every Day

Julie has this great project that she calls Art Journal Every Day where she posts something about art journaling on her blog every Friday. In my mind that becomes something like “art journal a little every second or third day, and do your best to find time with your creativity”. To me that is what’s my life is about. Julie too is generous like that. She writes:

    Remember, all you need is ten minutes a day. Seriously. If you have ten minutes and some art supplies then you can do this! (If you have ten minutes and a ballpoint pen you can do this.)
    This is a no pressure environment. If you miss a day, who cares? Get back on the art journal wagon the next day!
    Finally, this is not about creating a finished product. This is about taking time to nurture your creative self every single day.

I have been following along
as you all know because I’ mentioned Julie’s project the very first week of the year when I too adopted the idea of more art journaling in 2011, then posting weekly updates/check ins to remind myself what I have done or not had the time to do. One of my goals this year is also to write more and to be open to doing guest posts…

Today's Guest post at Balzer's Design

This week’s Art Journal Check in
(week 8) is my guest post over at Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog! Julie asked me to contribute with something about my monochromatic series and I was thrilled to do so. The article is called Collecting colours! Check it out!

Hello new readers!

So if you came her from Julie’s blog for the first time I just wanted to say Welcome! Feel free to stick around and read a few posts, maybe previous tutorials, or about my Art Journal or on Exploring colour? Feel free to leave a comment so that I can come visit you too. Also thanks to my lovely regulars, especially for lovely and encouraging comments on my flower painting this week! It means a lot and I will get to painting very soon I hope.

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5 Responses to Today’s Guest Post at Balzer Designs

  1. Sandra says:

    Hanna, I just visited your blog thanks to your guest blog post on Julie’s blog and I couldn’t stop reading! I love all the inspiration that can be found here! You’re listed under my favorites from now on! (and I love Sweden too…I have even lived there for a while. Such a beautiful country!) Thanks!!!

  2. iHanna says:

    Hi Sandra, thanks for taking the time to comment! So glad you like my blog/writing! Love your quirky and fun designs too at a quick glance. See ya around!

  3. Andria says:

    Hi Hanna! I’ve been visiting your blog for a few weeks now, and you are definitely one of my very favorites! I enjoyed looking back at your post about your goals for creative actions for this year. I had started a list of my own about a week ago, and added a few more ideas based on your list. Thank you, also, for all of the art journal inspiration!

  4. ainelivia says:

    Just read your article Hanna, wonderful idea collecting colour. have been looking at your posts on the planner, and can’t wait to try it. Your planner is much more flexible, and just what I need. thanks

  5. Lay Hoon says:

    You definitely my source of inspiration :)

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