I created 30 collages

Collage 30: Magpie love
Collage number 30. I’m calling it Magpie love.

Art Every Day Month 2010The thirty days of November’s Art Every Day Month is finished and I have made 30 collages that I am very much in love with. When I started I had big plans of really sitting once every day to make a collage, but it has not happened like that at all. It never does. Instead life happens and plans constantly have to adapt and change. The most important things to me is to enjoy the challenge and do it “my way”. My way is making 30 cards for the 30 days of November, and enjoy the process of art making! Not fretting that I make three collages one day and took the weekend of to read yummy books in bed…

Collage 29: Her name is Flora
Collage 29: Her name is Flora.

All of these collages are square format, my very favorite! I did cut up a bunch of purple cardstock and used those as the canvas, mostly because I have no use of those papers (I am not very found of purple). The collaged content measures 13?13 centimeters (5?5″), but the canvas is a bit bigger so that you can hide the purple behind a matting. That’s what I would do, it would hide the purple edge. These collages will look oh so good in a Ribba frame from IKEA.

Collage 28: Will open up
Collage 28: Will open up.

I have experimented with tearing up my own painted papers and using those as my paint brush. I have resisted using a focal image and tried to leave some of the collages minimalistic, even though I find that difficult. I have also experimented with earth toned collages and adding strips of tissue paper to mute and cover up colours.

Collage 27: Emerald eye
Collage 27: Emerald eye.

Emerald eye? I don’t know why, sometimes the names just pop into my head from nowhere. The background has the colour of emerald, but the “eye” (the orange circle perhaps?) is not emerald… I don’t know, but I like the name, maybe more than the collage this time. ;-)

Collage 26: Watch your steps
Collage 26: Watch your steps.

There are some sewing done on Watch your steps, I don’t know if you can see it. I used my sewing machine on the four first collages and was planning to sew a bit on each card, but that didn’t happen either, it didn’t fit with the process of gluing, colouring, naming and then scanning the collage. But I do like sewing on papers, it is fun!

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12 Responses to I created 30 collages

  1. dthaase says:

    these are fabulous – great work!

  2. iHanna says:

    Dthaase, thank you! *smiling*

  3. Evelyn says:

    Thanks for the lovely words on my blog…I really likem these…collages scare me a bit, I never know where to put stuff, lol…I really like the first one…all the blues are very soothing.

  4. iHanna says:

    Thank you back Evelyn! :-)
    Collage is not the easiest art form (if any art form can be “easy”) but practice makes better, and I think my collages are getting better with each one. Blue is soothing indeed, as is the winter white that surrounds me today.

  5. Baye says:

    I love the drawers. I feel as though I could open them up!

  6. Sam says:

    I think your collages are really beautiful, you should be very proud. :-) Emerald Eye is especially gorgeous!

  7. Paula says:

    Number 30 has to be my favorite! i can see winter in all the blues, and there seems to be a Christmas sort of tree on the left! Birds in winter have always given me hope!

  8. Danielle says:

    Wow! These are beautiful. Love that you’ve taken this challenge & molded it to fit your way. That’s the most impt thing. Not feeling guilty or placing unrealistic expectations on yourself to do it a certain way.

  9. Jamie Lynn says:

    These are great!

  10. aimee says:

    these collages are amazing, hanna! they’re all so different but they all have your signature style. so beautiful and colorful – and so MANY of them! congrats on making it to 30!

  11. Lizbeth says:

    Congratulations on the 30-day collage work. I just love them all!

  12. Chris says:

    Wow. I would feel so accomplished after finishing those 30 collages!
    I love the birdies and Watch Your Step.
    Thanks for sharing these, Hanna!

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