Hang your Own Artwork on the Wall

The walls that surround me are always filling with things from my drawing board. They are similar to my mind and my work desk; full of many different ideas, colours and forms. They are in different stages, some not quite finished yet but up on the wall to inspire me further.

My walls are like a work in progress to me, as so many other things in my life, sometimes a bit too haphazard and spontaneous but always ready for change…

My hang-ups

Art by iHanna. Blue slow cloth, the embroidered mixed media piece Fly photo of a Inner Landscape II framed on black and my abstract painting on wood.

Framed collage
Collage Mr Lotus is in a black Ribba frame from IKEA, just standing close to my desk and ready to be exchanged for another collage when a new one is finished. I like seeing my collages in a frame, to understand that they are finished and ready to “go”. Framing your own art is a great feeling. If I had more walls I would frame all my collages and hang them in rows like in a gallery, but wall space is just as scarce as wardrobe space and desk space in my life.

Framed Inner landscape embroidery
The mixed media embroidery Fly photo of a Inner Landscape I hangs just above my bed, and I look at it often. I think it is one of my favorite art pieces and I am very proud of it. I have several photos, paintings and post-it-notes surrounding my bed, reminding me of different things.

What is your hang up?

Do you frame and hang your own art? You should, your art deserves that space! I do hang stuff up – all the time. And if I don’t frame it I hang it up on my inspiration board “as is” for a while, until I make newer things or need change. My inspiration board is a huge white frame (tutorial here) with string and pegs to hang things on. This is how my inspiration board looked like about two months ago;

Inspiration board October 2010
Full of inspiration! ATCs, postcards, photos, owls, knickknacks and even one of the stray katti-fnatts that I made a few of!

Right now my inspiration board is covered in November AEDM collages even though not all 30 collages did fit!

For crusade no 46
(November & December) Michelle is asking;What’s your hang up? She encourages us to hang our art up on the wall or even take colour copies of our art journals and frame those! I haven’t framed an actual art journal page though I did create an awesome Wall Calendar with detail photos from some of my art journal pages. It still hangs on my wall because I really like it, though now it is a bit outdated! :-)

I hope you are well and are carving out some time for creative play even in busy December. It is right now that we need it the most. Will you hang your own artwork up on your wall now?

Take care!

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13 Responses to Hang your Own Artwork on the Wall

  1. hanna – great to see your *hang-ups*! so fun to hear that you love seeing your own work on the walls. love the idea of changing out the collages in your frame. always fun to see your fabric work, in addition to your paper work. LOVE seeing your inspiration board. *jots down a note for future crusade idea* thanks for showing us what goes up in your home, and thanks for sharing with the team.
    merry christmas!

  2. iHanna says:

    Thank you Michelle for inspiring this post and many many art journal pages in the past year/years! :-) I already look forward to January’s crusade! Take care!

  3. bonnierose says:

    U are so right.
    I need to hang up my art more.
    Note to self, find cheap frames.

  4. Your art looks beautiful on your wall.

  5. pam says:

    Oh Hanna, what an inspirational post! i have to admit I lingered way longer than I have time for soaking up all your creative inspiration!

    Your advice to take some crafty time – especially now in the midst of holiday crazy – so so true. Creativity is rejuvenating and if it doesn’t release endorphins, it must release some other little chemicals that makes us feel good!

    Your mixed media embroideries are incredible – I would give almost anything to touch and feel and see these in person. You SHOULD be proud of them and hang them for all to see.

    And your inspiration board! Brilliant! I MUST have one! Just put it on my list for 2011! I have no idea WHERE I will hang it – my wall space is as non-existent as yours – mainly because I have every square inch covered with photographs, art and crafts and I would hate to take any of them down! However, I am eyeballing the hallway doors leading to the bedrooms! Seriously. The doors are already framed with molding, so hanging an inspiration frame on the door would set it apart and create beautiful visual spaces.

    Happy holidays to you!

  6. Corvus says:

    I plan to decorate the walls of my place with my own art and photos, as well as the art of artists I admire! I have a pile of things stashed away for it too.

    Now I just need to get a job, so I can get my own place and all. Some day!

  7. Kari Desi says:

    Your art is beautiful & colorful. Looks great on your walls. I LOVE your inspiration board, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing how important it is to hang up our own art…it is!!

  8. Regina says:

    Your post is very inspiring. So much that I think I will go finish getting more of my art hung. :-)
    Merry Christmas.

  9. Chris says:

    This is the second time today I’ve heard about the ribba frame from IKEA and both times it looks fantastic. I’m going to get a few.

    I usually send my art out before I can hang it. I’ve not really hung any of my watercolor paper paintings and collages. But you’re right; I should. It will be good therapy, and a validation from inside myself.

    Isn’t Michelle awesome?

  10. Helen says:

    Love your fabric art (if only I had time!) The ribba frame of Ikea makes your collage really stand out. Next time I visit Ikea I will look out for them.

  11. I like all of your work but I especially enjoyed the hand embroidery. The large one reminds me of a Julia Capara and her running stitches.

  12. iHanna says:

    Thank you! Rosemary, what a great compliment, I am a big fan of Julia’s embroidery and her art work! :-)

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