December Daily Ideas

I have some December Daily Ideas & Inspiration for you today.

It is easy to be inspired in December. It’s the ultimate count down to the Holidays (for some) and a New Year (for most of us). It’s a time of expectations, making plans, decorating everything (including ourselves and our journals) and making, baking and documenting life.

Sometimes I wish I could fly...

Sometimes, detail from an art journal page I did in May 2007! I love this page, it has so much meaning to me. I’ve been looking through my flickr and there is so much images there that I never did blog about. OMG!

December Daily Ideas & Inspiration

Today I’m inspired by Hope’s #reverb10 daily journal , by Traci’s daily posting that will go on for 24 days (just like last year, yay!) and Ali’s daily posts on her beautiful December Daily Scrapbook filled with beautiful photos, journaling and inspiration. I can not see enough of it and I wish I had made something a bit similar this year. Maybe I’ll make a small journal just for fun, with Christmas ephemera I have saved in a special folder? Question is; when will that happen? :-)

Reflect & manifest I’m also inspired by these Christmas ornaments that is made with fabric paper (watch the video in the end of the post and you will be inspired too!) and also by the newly started blog The Sketchbook Challenge, another project I wish I could join. There is so many things I want to do, how will there ever be enough time for it all?

I signed up to do something called reverb 10 myself. It’s a prompt to write and reflect about each day, but I haven’t written any of the prompts yet. Did you sign up? What is your big plan for next year?

Too many ideas/days

Thank you guys for your lovely comments and encouragement in my post about planning and writing yesterday! I hadn’t expected such generous flow of comments on my spelling voes, rather I was expecting to get comments on my saffron buns and my designed free recipe cards but sometimes not even I can predict how things happen, and I have been blogging for a long time now…

So, if I didn’t know better I would come here more often to “complain” about my shitty life so that I could bathe in appreciation and be warmed by your kind comments… But no, that just won’t happen. I don’t complain much around here because I don’t want to write about such things (here). I want my blog to be a warm and creative place, you know? I think that is why many of you come here. I know it is why I come here! :-)

And that there is too many ideas to fit into a year (or several years, also known as “life”) is not a complaint: it is a mere fact that we all have to accept and acknowledge, learn to live with and maybe… some way… work around? As I am designing my own calendar; maybe I could add an extra day between Saturday and Sunday. I just might do that, and call it Creatday.

Take care!

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9 Responses to December Daily Ideas

  1. bonnierose says:

    U are okay just as u are.
    I love u just as you are.
    No pressure fr me.. I love you for all you create.. xo
    your pages are beautiful. xo did u visit my blog today? Did u see what I created today?

  2. Susan says:

    Oh, Hanna, sign me up for Creatday, please. I find it is a constant battle to find enough creative time. (My whine for the day.)

  3. Corvus says:

    I figure too many ideas is better than not enough. I have tons of the things myself and absolutely no time, but I write them all down. Then I just get to what I can, and if I can’t get to one right away that’s okay! It’s written down, I can come back to it some day, if it’s a good enough idea.

  4. I love the beautiful journal page on this post! Is that you as a child?

  5. wendy says:

    Thank you Hanna for your inspiring and well written postings.
    Spelling issues…some people just always have the half empty glass of milk instead of the half full glass…sad for them.

  6. Spelling and grammar? You do a great job in English–better than many native speakers. Here in the US, few of us master any foreign language in school. You not only write clearly, but you have your own distinctive style and voice. Pat yourself on the back, for you are awesome!

    (By the way, I’m surprised you write so well without reading lots of books in English. Perhaps you underestimate how much you read.)

  7. Lay Hoon says:

    Your blog always inspiring with tons of ideas.
    Thank you.

  8. Chris says:

    Hi, Hanna. If there’s one place I miss when I’m too busy for blog surfing (blurfing) it’s your site. I haven’t even been able to move from this post for about an hour, because of all the great links you have shared here. I’ve now got several new sites to inspire me! I hope your writing and poetry is going well. I am now going to continue through to your latest post. I don’t want to miss even one!

    Thanks for all the reference material you share over at Pam’s blog Gingerbread Snowflakes, too!

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