the Sketchbook Project | Pink Grids and lines

Today, an update from my personal sketchbook in The Sketchbook Project that I am participating in. Some finished spreads in my (trying to) “keep it simple” Moleskine sketchbook. Here we go;

A pink grid
Pink squares in a pencil line grid.

More pretty papers
Lines of my painted paper.

Rows of letters
Rows of letters. Now collaged together from my “good scrap pile” and then covered used a few lines of masking tape too.

Grids and lines, as you can see, is my theme. Leah Virsik has “found papers” as her theme and I loooove her pages, take a look here, here, here and here – awesome right?

Read more about my cut and paste notebook of grids and lines here: The Sketchbook Project

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10 Responses to the Sketchbook Project | Pink Grids and lines

  1. Fanie says:

    Your sketchbook is going to be beautiful, Hanna. :) You’re defenetely going to finish this project!
    I’m very behind for the sketchbook project. Each time I see one of your post I’m like “Ah!! I still have to finish this project!” Eheh! ;)

  2. Adrianne says:

    The right page of the pink squares: it’s so dynamic that it’s hard to stop looking at it!

    They’re all really great!

  3. oooh your blog has some good art!! I’ll be back often! Love these pages!

  4. Kate says:

    Wonderful, as usual!

  5. iHanna says:

    Fanie, hehe, I get why you are “later” than me coz your work takes a bit longer. My “keep it simple” creates quick collages, maybe you need to fill a couple of pages with “quick sketches”? :-)

    Adrianne, thank you! How cool that you like the pink page. Me too!

    Michelle, hi! From pintarest right? So glad you found your way here too! Welcome back!

    Kate, thanks sweet you!

  6. aimee says:

    your journal pages are such a delight… what is a quick creation to you, would take me days to complete! you amaze me!

  7. Elisabet says:

    Joyce Carol Oates is one of my favourite authors. Yours too?

  8. iHanna says:

    Aimee, thank you for commenting and inspiring the list earlier this week. I guess it would take me for ever to write such beautiful messages in the artsy way you do… Your posts always amazes me!

    Elisabet, haha, did you recognize the headline? Fun!

  9. Becky says:

    omg… i LOVE these pages!!! gorgeous!

  10. Theresa says:

    All three layouts are lovely but I really do like the second one from the top. The straight lines of colored paper dances before my eyes. It’s odd how my exploration on the web today for inspiration has been turning up these simpler pages with an actual white background. Reminds me of my start with creative memories as a scrapbooker. The colors on the white page just burst. Anyways love what your doing!~ I’ve been really wanting to get my first moleskin and this might be the big push I needed. Thanks.

    As always very inspirational!

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