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Chinese Papercutting

Another idea, inspired by a 21 Secrets Class. Number 19 on my list of creative experiments to try is Chinese paper cutting, maybe because I already had a plan on how to learn that… Chinese paper cutting is one of … Continue reading

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Fearless Painting

Another idea, inspired by a 21 Secrets Class. Connie calls her class in the first edition of 21 Secrets 2010 where I too taught; Get It Out – Get It Down, and in it the students are allowed to explore … Continue reading

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Its been snowing here

Collage 24: On a darkish day. During the week it has been chilly mornings but rainy days under a grayish sky – creating slush on the ground that makes my mood sink. On such days I always wish I could … Continue reading

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Art is my healthiest habit

“Trust this” art collage by iHanna. Day 23 of Art Every Day month November 2010. Todays card with layers of this and that, mostly beige tissue paper, lots of tissue paper. Even painted tissue paper from before. I always use … Continue reading

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Tune into abundance

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. /Wayne Dyer There is an abundance of inspiration and creativity in the wold. It makes me happy. Today I just wanted to put something up on my blog … Continue reading

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A 5 year old inspired by my online class

Sharing 21 secret inspiration again. There is still a lot of creative energy going on in the art journal class 21 Secrets where I am one of the teachers. Registration closes December 1st and at February 1st next year the … Continue reading

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Collage Art Every Day

Collage from 5 -12th of November 2010, ongoing Art Every Day this month by iHanna. Every Second Day… I should call my project art every second day, because that is what it always becomes. I am not an every-day-kind of … Continue reading

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the Sketchbook Project | Blue grid and some rain

Blue grid #2. Newspaper crossword squares, pencil lines, washi tape with blue grid, blue envelope lining, ballpoint squares, illustration from a vintage school book and some watercoloured blue imaginary bar chart with numbers. Just a play with scraps of paper, … Continue reading

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The start of a wool embroidery

After reading nightly in this very cool new Swedish book about wool embroidery called Yllebroderi (a must-own-book!) I was very eager to start a wool embroidery of my own. A bit too eager (plus watching a movie at the same … Continue reading

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A pocketfull of zines

I have received a two new zines this week! Lucky me. The first one was from Linda in Italy. She was inspired to make her own zine after reading my Mettazine, and as a way to say a very generous … Continue reading

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