Everyday photos

Garlic flower
Garlic flower.

Autumn bouquet
Autumn bouquet.

Forest harvest by Mom
Black Mushroom
Mom’s harvest from the forest.

Elizabeth Gilbert in the paper
Elizabeth Gilbert in the paper.

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11 Responses to Everyday photos

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Hanna….every time I come by your blog, you have something different going on….love the variety and love your art!

  2. These photos make me so happy, Hanna.

    Happy autumn to you!

  3. iHanna says:

    Mary, thank you so much, I like variety I guess, and there is so much beauty to see and explore!

    Jodi, thank you so much, I think it is quite incredible that my “happiness photos” can make other happy too – what a gift that is! Happy autumn! Lots of Yellow leaf photos to come, I was out walking through piles of them today and it was lovely!

  4. Pia says:

    Tack f?r en fin helg, trivs med dig!

  5. iHanna says:

    Dito Pia, gulledig!

  6. Beautiful pictures, as always. Question: i have seen a picture of your camera before, and I am wondering a few things: do you have an education in photography? have you studied it, or is it just a hobby?? (i wonder because I have to change my camera soon, and it’s not a good one and I just want a better one, not too complicated, that has a good focus and all that..) anyway.. i was just wondering :)
    Keep up posting often, it is wonderful to be able to come here and see new things so often :)

  7. Evelyn says:

    I enjoyed your photos. Mushrooms form the forest? Lovely autumn bouquet.

  8. Kelly says:

    What great photos! That mushroom haul is amazing!

  9. pocketct says:

    Oh oh oh! I love those mushrooms! This last summer we had no rain to speak of and my entire haul of black trumpets was a total of five small ones. Such a bounty! Suck a basket! Beautiful! I trust you had some good meals from those.

  10. Nilla says:

    Fina bilder! H?rliga f?rger.
    Ha det s? bra.

  11. Elisabetta says:

    Questo ? il blog al femminile che preferisco. Sempre pieno di idee e di immagini bellissime!

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