Washi tape is patterned masking tape

Wash tape
I caved in after lots of inner cravings. I bought “a few” rolls of what is called washi tape in Japanese. It’s really patterned masking tape, and there are all kinds of pretty patterns. Dots, stripes, squares…

Wash tape
Some came in “cakes” with ribbon and topping, so cute you could eat them! All of these were bought from Pretty Tape at Etsy, a seller from the US that I can recommend.

Wash tape
I think there is quite a lot of tape in each roll. These will last me a long time for sure, and the craving is stilled for now. I plan to use them in my Art Journal and art, just for fun and colour.

I couldn’t help but to take a few photos, just to make you all realize how pretty these are… See:

Wash tape
Wash tape
Wash tape
Wash tape

You can use washi tape to wrap pretty gifts, like this one:
Maria's birthday gifts

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10 Responses to Washi tape is patterned masking tape

  1. corrine says:

    I love this tape, get it from Pretty Tape too, isn’t is marvelous….xox Corrine

  2. cyndee says:

    oooh, i see so much potential. thanks for telling us about Pretty Tape.

  3. Adrianne says:

    I have one roll so far, and it is cute, but it is barely sticky. It can be lifted and moved around, but does not hold anything. Is that true with the tape you have? Do they appear to have different levels of stickiness? Let us know after you’ve tried them out!


  4. Lay Hoon says:

    I like washi tape too !!
    It such pretty and nice to touch !

  5. Melanie Philpott says:

    Oooo yum. I’ve never seen these tapes before, they look fabulous!

  6. Gina says:

    I also caved in too! Bought a bunch on etsy. I love these tapes because they are quite thin, almost tissue tape-like. They add so much happiness to a journal page or mailer!

  7. I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and I appreciate all you share. I agree that the patterned tape is super yummy and I coveted it as well. I didn’t like the price too much so I found a way to make my own. Hopefully this is a tip you’ll use. I have a blog post with examples, but basically it uses fabric tape (like what you use for wrapping up gauze) and watercolors. The blog post is:

    Take care.

  8. malin says:

    I?ve been having washi tape cravings lately too… I haven?t succumbed to them yet, but I have a feeling I will…

  9. iHanna says:

    Thanks for commenting, sorry if I create new cravings in you girls, hehe.

    Adrianne, it is masking tape so it is not very sticky but I haven not had any trouble with it falling out of my books, it stays in. I think if you do peel it it will always be removable in some areas. But maybe there are different kinds, these are good ones. :-)

    Julie, thanks for the link to your tutorial, it looks awesome. I will have to try it out!

  10. ainelivia says:

    Thanks Hanna, have been looking for these tapes in the Uk without much success, thanks to you have found a supplier. Julies post looks great, good idea. (-:

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