Sommerfuglen yarn shop

Noro love
Sommerfuglen is Danish for butterfly. I found this yarn shop in Copenhagen when I was visiting a few weeks ago. It’s a beautiful little shop with walls covered in inspiration and materials. Bulging with yarn. Exploding with colours. And the button section, oh my oh my, just have a look inside with me…

Sommerfuglen yarn shop

In Sommerfuglen

Lots of choices
Buttons for sale
Colourful buttons

Brown buttons

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16 Responses to Sommerfuglen yarn shop

  1. alice says:

    Wow what an inspiring shop!!! Those colours and all those buttons! Oh my gosh I know that I wouldnt be able to save my bank balance in there! haha

  2. Melanie says:

    Gosh what a gorgous shop! And all those scrummy buttons – YUM!

  3. Kim Mailhot says:

    Oh yum yum ! What a feast for the senses !

  4. corrine says:

    What an absolutely spectacular place. Just your look see is enough to inspire someone to create. Thanks for sharing. xox Corrine

  5. Julie says:

    Those buttons….what great photo!!

  6. cyndee says:

    wow, i’ve never ever ever seen a button shop like that. amazing.

  7. Lynette (NZ) says:

    Too cool – you need to share your purchases!

  8. Chris says:

    THIS kind of yummy goodness is why I wish I knitted or crocheted! One day, I will…

  9. Meghan T. says:

    Wow how fun is that! What an adorable and cool store. LOVE THE BUTTONS! I would have a hard time focusing though! I would probably want them all!
    I look so forward to checking your blog everyday! So inspiring!

  10. Genevieve says:

    My feet would be glued to the floor for hours, as I made eye contact with each and every button – so, thanks for saving me the trouble and taking photos. I think that will be my bedtime reading tonight. Awesome shop!

  11. Carin says:

    Oh my word- drool. May have too look that up next time I go home :)

  12. oh my Hanna – beautiful pictures but how did you leave there without leaving all your money? ;) What a fun day you must of had!!!
    I know life is good for you with dreams of all those yarns and all those colours

  13. iHanna says:

    Thank you for all your kind comments! Kathleen, I managed to leave with my money because there was just too much. I wanted it all and decided not to buy anything – this time. I will some day though, the noro yarn is creating a lot of cravings inside… :-)

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  15. Shannon says:

    what an amazing store. i am biased of course since we are a little buttonmad ourselves ;-) super photos and blog. cheers

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