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Evidence Pages

An evidence page is a page in your Art Journal or notebook where you break out new stuff! An Evidence Page is a way to document new art materials. Try it out, make a kind of sampler page to get … Continue reading

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Washi tape is patterned masking tape

I caved in after lots of inner cravings. I bought “a few” rolls of what is called washi tape in Japanese. It’s really patterned masking tape, and there are all kinds of pretty patterns. Dots, stripes, squares… Some came in … Continue reading

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Sommerfuglen yarn shop

Sommerfuglen is Danish for butterfly. I found this yarn shop in Copenhagen when I was visiting a few weeks ago. It’s a beautiful little shop with walls covered in inspiration and materials. Bulging with yarn. Exploding with colours. And the … Continue reading

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Swedish Embroidery Magazine | Note from the Editorial Staff

This is the summer issue of the Swedish Embroidery Magazine. It is the second issue that I’m involved in making and it shows a bit of iHanna style this time. Just look at that cover! I love the theme, which … Continue reading

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I go out and feel alright

I’ve got sunshine on my mind I go out and feel alright The rainy clouds are gone away And this is why I feel this way Strawberries in a bowl, fresh from the garden patch. Flowers growing so high I … Continue reading

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