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Air Mail

Today it has been raining all day, so a great day for sorting stuff. I have been rummaging around everywhere today, and the dust is thick in the air… Away away with old DVD:s that no one will watch again, VHS tapes, unmarked CD:s, some of my own children’s books from the attic (but saving quite a few still), etc etc. A huge “flea market pile” has been created and the house is even messier than when I started, hehe. It always happens like that. I’m “cleaning” but instead it gets messier… Is it my personality? Though it will end in something great: more space on shelfs and in the attic. I will continue tomorrow.

After that I’ve been resting at my desk making collages all afternoon. I think I’m in love with the new collages, again, I will scan them later for you all to see. My company this week has been Tamara‘s voice in a whole series of great podcast shows called Imaginibbles. They are about creativity and I just love them!

Today my company has been Paula Phillips making great art journaling videos all the way in Canada [found via a dirtyfootprint tweet]! I enjoy having “company” when I create, and now the desk setup is perfect because the laptop can be close by and visible but not directly on my messy desk. Oh yeah, my desk is messy to even though it was “cleaned” several times this week…

But what I wanted to show you today was all the goodies I have received this week in the mail box

Ninox Zine

First out Ninox first zine! It is handmade and color copied, filled with cool craft projects and art ideas! Yummy! I traded it for my own Mettazine, but I think hers is also sold out right now. Check ninox’ etsy for updates if you want one, maybe she will make more (though her softies and embroidery patterns are adorable too…). Inside the zine is an original ATC, collage papers, patterns, ideas and tutorials… Love it! Take a look at the table of content:

Ninox table of content
Table of content in Ninox 2010 zine. Yum!

There is something special about a zine from a online friend; ie. someone you already know through years together in Blogland and e-mail exchanges. It was the same thing when I read Alma’s zine (which is made in a similar way with a handmade layout that is photocopied in color): I just want to make all the projects in it! Amazing inspiration. Thanks Nyx!

Inside Ninox Zine
Bunting flags are on my list of want-to-do-stuff, both these paper ones and bigger fabric ones!

More stuff found in my inbox:

Envelope & Postcard

The pink and orange postcard is made by Xtina, who is a flickr friend. I found and commented on her collage and she just offered to send me a postcard copy of it! What a nice thing to do, I think it is just beautiful. Seeing orange and pink together always reminds me that my mom said that those colors can’t be combined in clothing when I was a kid. When I tell her now she excuses this “mistake” by saying:
– Well you just didn’t then!

I got a ATC in the mail! I was pleasantly surprised when I got the envelope from Germany, holding a ATC from TJ, and also some painted paper bits to play with plus one of her beautiful tags (stamped with her blog name embossed on it, oh how pretty it is). Did you carve that stamp TJ? I want one that says now. Fun fact: Nu means Now in Swedish. So, i Hanna nu actually means in Hanna now. The i can of course stand for other words too, like intelligent, information, I or inspirational… hehe.

Bits of colour
Bits of color to play with, from TJ.

Studio Mailbox tag
Studio Mailbox tag, from TJ.

Postcard from Emma
Beautiful sewn postcard from Emma, who will be 50 years soon. Congratulations Emma!

It is June already
June spread in my new diary, a Moleskine notebook this time.

Random inspirational images…

I sometimes try to visit the “favorite photos” of people who favorite my own photos at flickr. This way I get to see new to me collections of random images by someone who has great taste., hehe… Today I’m enjoying paragustoscolores favorites and catharina-maria’s favorites! Check them out too.

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10 Responses to Fun finds from my inbox

  1. Baye says:

    Everything is lovely especially Emma’s postcard. Thanks for sharing.

  2. iHanna says:

    Baye! Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  3. Lisbeth Bula says:

    Hei Hanna. F?lger bloggen din jevnlig, men er ikke s? flink til ? kommentere. Skal bli litt bedre p? det tenker jeg. Det er jo g?y ? f? kommentarer! Jeg bestilte akkurat boka fra forrige innlegg og gleder meg vilt til ? f? den! Bloggen din er sv?t inspirerende. N? har jeg ikke gjort NOE art journaling p? lenge, men tror jeg skal ty til m?neds sider med ruter for hver dag sik du har gjort -og jeg ser Teesha Moore gj?r, s? kommer jeg nok i gang igjen! Uansett v?r i sommer s? kan man gj?re kreative ting. DET er iallefall flott n?r man bor i Skandinavia! Bloggen din er en kjempeinspirasjon. Linkene er en fabelaktig bonus!

  4. Paula says:

    Oh Hanna, thanks SO much for the sweet mention of me! I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying my vids!! I have been a fan of yours since I started Art Journaling!!
    Thanks so much!! Much LOVE
    Paula, aka Journal Artista

  5. Susan Tuttle says:

    i can almost smell those lilacs through the screen:)

    and such wonderful goodies:)

  6. Kristen says:

    Hi Hanna – just stopping by! Love this post. I LOVE getting things in the mail, so especially related to the descriptions of all of the fun things in your mailbox and the people they came from. Are you Swedish? I spent one summer in Malm? in college and loved it a lot. Don’t speak much Swedish though, unfortunately :)

    Have a great night and can’t wait to see your collages that you mentioned!


  7. linda says:

    Ooo…lovely stuff… will have to check out that zine, they are always so fun!

  8. iHanna says:

    Oh Paula, wow, how fun that you already know my art journaling adventures and now I get to see yours too, in motion picture – I love youtube videos because it is so much fun to watch others create and listen to them talk about it! :-) Thanks for your visit to my blog!

    Kirsten, thanks! Yes I’m Swedish for sure. Glad you like my country, I do too, especially now in the summer when everything is blooming! And next week the Swedish princess Victoria is getting married in Stockholm – big event here! :-) Take care!

  9. Chris says:

    You have given me a lot to read and look at, which is one of the great perks of visiting you regularly! And all the color, of course! Inspiration: Hanna.

  10. TJ says:

    Hi Hanna — so glad you’ve been getting so much mail art. You deserve these treats because your blog has given us so much happiness over the years! Have fun and keep on creating… your friend in germany, tj

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