Zine benefits

iHanna in colour (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

iHanna in colour (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

I mentioned in my previous post how I altered the second batch a bit, allowing myself some creative freedom. I took the time to colour in all the little me in the sketch of me and Smilla. I have a jeans skirt on, but after a few of those I changed the skirt colour because I got bored with the blue skirt, and also gave myself pink hair, just for fun. I need to play more with my coloured pencils, colouring is fun. On the labels I splashed watercolour paint, making little colorful dots. Just having fun with it.

Some benefits of zine making

  • I have proved to myself I could pull it together and make a zine
  • I have learned that I have a lot so say about the subject of art journals and maybe even to teach others, at least to inspire and show my love for art journaling to fellow crafters
  • I have also learned that I can create assembly line style and make “a product” – and also to enjoy the mindful repetition of that process
  • As the first ten copies were part of the I love zine-swap I got ten yummy zines in the mail back. Being in the swap resulted in new online friends, inspiration, information, tutorials – and little pressies… Happy times indeed!
  • I have to admit, that selling zines and earning money is really great when you’re not used to that.
  • It has also been self-esteem boosting, selling the zine and getting requests to re-list it when it sold out. You guys who bought it don’t know how much I needed that boost. Thank you! Will you buy my next issue?
  • Swapping! I have done a few swaps and trades with other zine makers which has been super fun. Now I will eagerly await Ninox first zine that she is swapping with me!
  • The feeling of sharing, connecting and being apart of the online community is bigger after I made this zine
  • Bonus: I have finished a whole roll of blue wallpaper that I didn’t know how to use… I have used it to make envelopes for the zines when shipping them. And also a wallpaper sample book was used for some zine covers. It has been standing around here taking up space for quite a few years now…

Making a second batch of zines (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

A tactile product

Someone asked me if it would be available as a PDF-download here on my site, but it will not. As you can see from the images above a huge part of this zine are the handmade parts. The deal is partly in the actual hands on making of the product. The stapled in paper inclusions (not one exactly like the other), the sewn cover and cut out label, the wallpaper cover and the away-from-the-computer feel and read.

The tactileness of it all is what I enjoy most, if we don’t count the writing part. Or the reading it myself part. E-zines can be great, but that was not what I wanted to create this time. I wanted to create a b/w photocopied zine in a small size, and that is exactly what I did. :-)

More images:

Sewing in paper (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
Sewing in paper is my favorite thing to do.

Zine Labels (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
Labels for the backside, waiting to be used.

Making a second batch of zines (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

Blue envelopes (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
Blue envelopes made from recycled wallpaper.

There are still a few copies left in my Etsy Shop, as well as wallpaper packs, embroidery art, magnets and yes, handmade envelopes… Check it out. :-)

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13 Responses to Zine benefits

  1. linda says:

    So exciting! I’m so happy you put those special touches in it and every one is unique…so cool! Can’t wait to get mine in the mail…thanks :)

  2. malin says:

    Du anar inte vad jag har tr?nat efter ditt zine! Det ser helt fantastiskt ut, och jag hoppas att du kommer att g?ra fler (jag tror inte att det finns kvar n?sta m?nadsskifte eller s?). Men jag ser att du har bytt bort zinet ocks? – ?r det n?got du kan t?nka dig att g?ra fler g?nger? Jag h?ller p? med ett zine, och s? har jag alltid konst att byta med. Vad tror du?

  3. ainelivia says:

    “Will I buy your next issue?” Hanna I can’t wait. I’m learning so much from this one. have put together a blog piece on Metta Zine No 1, and will let you know when I post it. I loved reading here about what you’ve learned, and really look forward to your next issue. all the best

  4. Claudia says:

    Oh, these pages are funny – i`m very curious which colour the skirt will have in my copy! Can?t wait to get mine… Thank you, Hanna for inspiring me. You really inspire.

  5. dawn says:

    oh so lovely!!!

  6. I think it’s good you decided to have a variety of colors for clothes, the same thing over and over would just be…redundant and not fun. Creative freedom is awesome! I also don’t mind if she has different poses too. But a single pose can be more memorable. I’d like to see more clothes designs!

  7. TJ says:

    I’m so happy you made a 2nd run of your ‘zines… don’t forget to reserve some for “back issues” to bring out a few years from now…! Great job hanna!! happy creations, xoxo tj

  8. Meb says:

    Hey those are great! I love the combination of sewing and paper. I’ve been following you on flickr but just discovered your blog! Great read!

  9. CHRISTINE says:

    Hi Hanna,
    So, I’ve been following your blog through Reader and have never really commented before. Thought I would drop in and say “Hi”. I just purchased one of your Zines from Etsy! I think it’s great you made these by hand. I can’t wait to check it out. Keep doing what your doing:)

  10. Ninox says:

    Hanna, it thrills me to think that you are waiting for my zine eagerly.. I can imagine you are as nervous as i am with mine. I agree that you cant pdf a zine, mine has flip downs and fold ups that you wont get from a pdf.. not to mention its a more personal thing.. I’ve chosen an ATC and a blank to go in each of mine… i cant wait to get yours in the mail your such an inspiration and an amazing person :)

  11. Kerrie says:

    Hanna, your work is a true gift from the heart. What a treasure!

  12. Oh, your zines makes me sooooo inspired to make one my self!
    They are just lovely!

    (…maybe this will be a good summer-project to do together with the kids?)

  13. U2kitteh says:

    Yay! I just ordered a copy of your ‘zine and can’t wait to check it out! Thank you for making more! =c)

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