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Explore Colour in a Sketchbook

All artists are explorers. We explore how we can make the world. Make it better.Prettier. Funnier. More interesting. Nicer. More colorful. A great adventure awaits in colours, if you just take time to see them. Really look. If you want … Continue reading

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Warm and cozy cat

This winter my Smilla has learned how to open the bathroom door (if it’s not totally shut). She has been inside quite a lot because the snow has been covering the world since before Christmas. She sneaks into the bathroom … Continue reading

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Pretty in April

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Ink that smears

Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: That … Continue reading

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An Artist Date in town

One day last week was spent with a friend in town. We had lunch, exchanged gifts, talked and laughed – and then went out and looked at pretty spring things that are in the stores now. I had my camera … Continue reading

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Q&A on Making a Photo Book

Question and answer session on photo books today! Thank you for all your kind comments on my Photo Album Book with A years worth of photos. Also check out my photographic inspiration book because 2 is better than 1 that … Continue reading

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Project Diptych | Creating Your Own Photographic Book

Bookmaking combines almost all of my passions in life; being visual, inspiring others, planning/thinking of creative adventures, writing text, documenting life and enjoying beautiful smart books in general. It’s all there! iHanna I’m reading my own post How to make … Continue reading

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Soft and faded photography

Swirly and fun embroidery on the table cloth. Spring light in the window. Please follow and like:Related PostsSpreading your kindness around is good A New Time starts Now, at this Present Moment Tranquilista – a book review

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New eyes on Magazine Layout

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post about my Blurb book with A Years worth of Photos! Your great comments made my day! Also, I got a few questions that I plan to answer as soon as … Continue reading

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Book Project: A Years worth of Photos

If you too have ever asked yourself What to do with all your digital photos you need to know that publishing your own Photo Album is possible! I did mine using InDesign, and my growing layout skills! I published … Continue reading

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