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Brown Quilt made from recycled fabrics

My second quilt is brown. I’ve been mixing beautiful rosy fabrics with my collection of browns. I have a thing for browns. Maybe it has something to do with being born in the seventies, when everything was dark brown, with … Continue reading

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Talking Threads & Textile Art – Inspiration on TV

Talking Threads is a new, magazine style program, targeted specifically at the ever-increasing market for textile art that aims to inspire people to be creative with fabric. It is shown on The Country Channel, on Sky TV, but you can … Continue reading

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Book review: Living introverted by Lee Ann Lambert

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Pad-thai with tofu

In a food mood today, so I snapped these photos of what I made for dinner. It’s a vegetarian Thai dish, often found at street corners in Thailand for a few bats. It’s my favorite. When I found the recipe … Continue reading

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Introverted & Creative goes together

You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with. /Wayne Dyer Ever wondered what’s life for an introvert is? I know someone who is an introvert and I must say, that they are the most artistic and … Continue reading

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Filling a paper with colours is calming

Right now I’m just making background papers to make other artsy stuff with. It’s a fun and calming activity. You should try it. Just take any paper, and fill it with colours! Spreading acrylic paint with a plastic card, doodling … Continue reading

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Inspired by a DVD: Printing & Patchwork from Coloricious

I’ve attended about forty minutes of a quilting workshop right here in my home which was both convenient and fun. Previously I’ve been enjoying all kinds of creative videos on Youtube so I already knew I enjoy watching others be … Continue reading

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Keeping a Travel Journal

Well, how to keep a Travel Journal? I want to talk a bit about my first experience of having a Travel Journal, and how you could use it on a trip. Or rather, how I used mine on my trip. … Continue reading

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Tutorial | Pimp an Owl Notebook Cover

My much loved magenta diary is full and the new one is slick black, which at the moment feels too dark. I want pink, playful and fun, so I made a new cover for my new diary! And while making … Continue reading

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Tranquilista – a book review

I like to think of each day as a fresh canvas full of possibility. Kimberly Wilson I’ve read Kimberly Wilson’s new book Tranquilista: Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play. I’ve been a fan of this online chica … Continue reading

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