The Photo Quilt is Finished!

Landscape Inspiration Quilt

Landscape Inspiration Quilt
Green buttons, green fabric.

Here is photo of the whole thing from above, it’s not giant, but not small either:

Landscape Inspiration Quilt

Landscape Inspiration Quilt

Landscape Inspiration Quilt

Landscape Inspiration Quilt

Landscape Inspiration Quilt

What you get for helping out with quilting and sewing:

Handmade chocolate
Homemade chocolate! Deeeelicious!

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15 Responses to The Photo Quilt is Finished!

  1. It is so fantastic. Wonderful project. (Uuuh – I can spot a “Linnea”)

  2. That turned out really cool Hanna, you guys rocked it!

  3. Corrine says:

    How cool is that! Wow… What fun and chocolates
    at the end, what more could you ask for.

  4. amy says:

    Wow it looks great! Did you treat it with anything or are you not going to use it heavily so it can be washed fine?

  5. Karen says:

    Wow!!! That’s great!!

  6. Sister Diane says:

    My goodness, this is so beautiful. I love your photos. Thank you so much for sharing this project!

  7. It turned out amazingly! So beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a great project.

  8. Hanna,

    I have just given you the Kreativ Blog award. You always inspire me.


  9. Anna says:

    what a great job!! :) wonderful!

    I just started my own crafts blog, check it out if you like :)


  10. U2kitteh says:

    So cool! Now when you snuggle up in it, you’ll see things in the pictures you may have missed. I really love the square with the acorn…I just realized I don’t think I’ve ever seen an acorn still attached to the tree. Am I that sheltered?!

    Mmm, and you can totally email me that yummy chocolate there with the nuts on it, hehe!

  11. Mary says:

    This quilt is great…it’s not only art but will hold memories for years to come…love it!

  12. Baye says:

    I am absolutely doing this! Thanks for the inspiration.

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