In the mail: Tiny Book of Fall Zentangles

I got this wonderful little book called A Little book of Fall Zentangles at the Art Exchange: Tag, you’re it! that I got invited to in November. I love this book so much! It’s created by Kathy Stewart. The pages are painted sturdy and each page has a little drawing on watercolor paper. It’s a tiny zentangle (b/w doodle pattern) colored in with watercolors. This is the cover;

A Little book of Fall Zentangles (Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson) #artbook

The cover paper is very cool. When I asked Kathy what it was she described it like this:

It was in my stash and it was some watercolor paper from Nepal or India – someplace like that very rough and no sizing so it really soaked up liquid. I think I put a couple of layers of fluid acryllic/gel media on it and it became very sort of leathery.

Very cool indeed.

And here are some of the pages in this book:

Little Book of Fall Zentangles

You can tell this is made by a real artist. It has a great composition, a thought behind it and beautiful (fall) colors. You just want to jump in and create little books when you see these pages, don’t you? I get lots of “little” ideas and I might even do some books to give away as gifts…. even though I usually don’t give away my art because I’m not confident that my friends will appreciate it. Art is so personal, and hard to give as a gift. What you put on your walls you might want to choose for yourself. Though a little art book might be fun to receive and browse through… yes? I did think so.

Spread of Zentangles
This is one of the bestest things I’ve ever got from someone in the mail.

Little Book of Fall Zentangles (Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson)

A Little book of Fall Zentangles (Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson)

The exchange is a kind of chain letter, and I usually don’t do those. So far I’ve gotten two art gifts out of 36 possible, but as I got this book first I think it made it all worth it even if I don’t get any more packages in the mail…

Further Zentangle inspiration

Flickr Zentangle group – even more inspiration at flickr as usual! – the zentangle homepage tells you what it’s about and sells kits you don’t need.
Zentangle meditation, and wet paper painting – where I’ve mentioned zentangles before on this blog. I really like the idea of making these little doodles, but I haven’t made many myself yet. Maybe a pyramid mandala is going to be born soon inside the pages of my next travel journal.

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7 Responses to In the mail: Tiny Book of Fall Zentangles

  1. makealife says:

    Cute!May i see photos of the booklets you have made to send away?

  2. malin says:

    I hope I?ll get some art too, the first pieces should begin to drop in soon, if there will be any. I hope so – this is such a fun idea!

  3. Lynn says:

    very creative book and yes it makes me want to make one right now.
    I too sent out two pieces of art, got thanked for one, not the other (was it that bad?) LOL and have received none to date.
    Maybe they will come later….one can hope.
    It’s fun to try it.

  4. dawn says:

    That is an awesome book! I love doing zentangles. This blog is also AWESOME for Zentangle inspiration. She gives out tutorials.

  5. TJ says:

    There is something magical about tiny things! What a sweet little Zen present. Lucky you!! happy creations from tj

  6. iHanna says:

    makealife, I didn’t make a book but sent out one of my collage pieces. The exchange was for “anything handmade” or art related, so getting a whole book was a bonus I didn’t expect!

    Lynn, people are just late – and lazy! I know I am, and I’m always feeling bad about not sending out “thank yous” in a timely fashion! I hope you get some art back, but maybe we will have to look at sending things out this time as RAK “random act of kindness” – I didn’t get a thank you either. Take care!


  7. Chris says:

    HANNA I’m glad you got this cute little thing in that swap. Hope you are doing well.

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