Shapes of sweet lovin in my Art Journal

As you continue to send out love, the energy returns to you in a regenerating spiral… As love accumulates, it keeps your system in balance and harmony. Love is the tool, and more love is the end product.Sara Paddison

heArt Journal spread made by @ihanna #artjournaling

I’m back with the heart symbol as expected. I was deep into it about this time last year too. My Art Journal got some sweet lovin’ yesterday, as it the word for the day was just that in Sophie’s and my Diptych Photography Project: Love.

How do you photograph love?

Maybe like this?

I’m having such a fun time with this project, surprising myself with my creative take on it. iLove u I enjoy playing each day. I enjoy the challenge. I enjoy loading the photos into my computer choosing a favorite. Just one. That is so difficult to me. Even today when the word was sky and the sky was gray rain (and not even a cloud visible, just boring gray) I did manage to take a photo I like! When you request something from yourself you have to oblige, right? And I’m asking my family every night at dinner what they would “do” with the word and then telling them about my idea. I was thinking of how important it is to love yourself when I took my photo #9 yesterday, but now when I look at my self-portrait it looks like it’s me offering love to the world. Both truths I like.


Anyway, this post will be my entry for crusade #27: shape up! which is about finding a shape you like and exploring it in your art journal. Play with it, duplicate it, stamp it, carve it, stencil it and so on. Obsession is a good thing according to Michelle Ward. but mostly it’s a thought, an idea I have.

heArt Journal detail painted by iHanna

I want to create a new art journal, using watercolor papers just as the first Art Journal I made, as I’ve mentioned now a couple of times. But I’m thinking as the heart month gets closer I will dedicate it to one of my favorite shapes; the (♥) heart, the symbol of love!

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13 Responses to Shapes of sweet lovin in my Art Journal

  1. You’re in great shape :) Thanks for the thoughts too…how to photograph love….will ponder this one.

  2. hanna – i heart your shape ;) and i love your pages – and that photo is adorable. thanks for coming to play, and for sharing your joyful pages. obsessing is a good thing *wink*

  3. Karin says:

    Loving all the hearts! And I have to agree, sometimes obsession can be a good thing!

  4. dinah says:

    something about the shape of hearts i just love!

  5. iHanna says:

    your to funny! ha! great shape, huh? I wish.

    obsessing is a good thing if you’re not constantly doing it I think. Or being obsessed with just one thing, that’s not so healthy. But as we’re multi-obsessed I think we can be calm for now…

    Thanks for the ♥-felt comments girls! I do heart my art journal.

  6. Cath S says:

    Love the lace, the layering of it on top of the paint is very cool.

  7. Jane says:

    Great-looking hearts! The lace is a nice touch, too.

  8. Sharon says:

    By clicking here and there from various comments and bloggers, I landed here and found some inspiration and shared interests. Just wanted to say hello!

  9. inge says:

    Hello Hanna,

    Love your hearts ! that’s what our world need !

    I like the way you made the different hearts with the dots, the text,…

    love from Belgium

  10. kim mailhot says:

    Some lovely heart play Hanna ! Beautiful and red/pink and love-filled ! A perfect balanced obsession, I think !

  11. JeriAnn says:

    I love the idea of following your heart made real. Beautiful work!

  12. Katheen says:

    Such a fun and uplifting spread. Great work!

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