Defining Inspiration – it’s everywhere

How do you define it, that elusive wonderful thing we all need so desperately: Inspiration. I’m trying to define it and I think it’s difficult, maybe impossible. Defining inspiration, when it can be so many different things… It’s everywhere. It’s everything. And all encompassing.


What about you, do you have a good definition for inspiration? What is is – really!?

How do you capture it and live by it? What do you do with it, once you have it? Look at it and put it inside a box?

Inspiration Mosaic - January 2009

Or do you try to use it?
Do you let your inspiration influence you and expand you, change your life even? Move you?

What do you do with all that inspiration? Please tell me.

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12 Responses to Defining Inspiration – it’s everywhere

  1. maria says:

    Povel Ramel har sagt en sak om inspiration som jag p? ett s?tt gillar.

    “Jag tror inte p? inspiration, jag tror p? arbetsgl?dje” och p? ett s?tt ?r det nog s? att arbetsgl?dje ?r viktigare ?n inspiration n?r den blir till ett hinder. N?r man inte kan hitta vad det ?r som just g?r att man blir inspirerad. Jag vet inte riktigt vad det ?r, det ?r allt och inget samtidigt, som inspirerar. Sv?rt, sv?rt!

  2. It’s passion… It’s love. You’re right…it is everywhere! It’s really eveident in the blogging’s community!

    I think I am easily inspired because I live with my eyes wide open…my brain open to new things…and old things…and just the DESIRE.

  3. Jenaveve says:

    I don’t know what to do with it!! It is everywhere, in everything, everyday, and will always exist as long as our minds are open to it.

    Sometimes it is overwhelming, but I could not live without it. Inspiration allows me to be free!

  4. Catalina says:

    To me inspiration is a state of mind

    With inspiration I’m happier and live my life better. I use it try to fill my life with light and grace. To give to others. Sometimes it transforms on paintings, journals, cards, little bags and collars, that I give here and there.

    To wander with my camera gives me tons of inspiration. The sea. Nature and childs.

  5. Chili says:

    Inspiration seems to connect memories, pictures, colors… in my brain, its somehow larger than the origin. Its make me happy, active, no one can stop me at that moment.
    The result can be making food for the family, a painting, something wooly, o piece of furniture, a poem…
    The trigger can be someting I have read, seen or tasted.

  6. leaca says:

    Great post. I have not really thought about it much until recently but I have noticed that I go to great pains to be inspired. It is something I need.

    Great collection.

  7. Sareece says:

    It is the warm tingling sensation that begins above your stomach and explodes through your soul and heart. It can be a fleeting thought, a glimpse of beauty, or the gentlest loving touch. It is ethereal, elusive, and priceless.
    Love your blog, thanks for sharing your beautiful soul through art.

  8. grrl+dog says:


    thanks for popping by the site and having a go. Close, but no banana!

    Think like a guerilla, a daring, cheeky, outsider artist…

  9. Hannah Rose says:


    adore your page, check in every day!!

    inspiration is coming from random places these days, im doing something totally normal and suddenly an idea for a journal page jumps into my head!! i had one the other day when my dog was trying to do some thing and it was totally obvious that he was never gonna be able to do it and he was still trying, over and over and over!! he does that all the time, nomatter what he wants to do and it just came to me, that that is what im doing im trying to do things and even tho im not able to do them yet i am still trying!! and will continue to try!!

    just been brave enough to add journal pages to my blog for the first time, come check them out??


  10. Marcia says:

    I really like these “thought questions” you pose, Hanna.
    I’ve been pondering some of these same things, lately. I’m inspired by nature and by the mundane details of everyday life. I love watching the many different birds at our birdfeeders. Their colors, their interactions, their beauty fascinates me. They simply Are. My dog inspires me because she never quits. She watches and waits for squirrels; she always takes her best shot at them; and even though they get away 90% of the time, she does sometimes catch one. She doesn’t rest on her laurels, though; she goes right back to patiently waiting. I’ve taken to carrying my smaller camera everywhere. Most of the time I don’t use it, but every now and then opportunity presents itself!
    I’m inspired by the simple kindnesses of people during my day; a nice comment on Flickr stream, a few chocolates from a friend, the way my boss always says “thank you” when I finish a project. The best thing for me when I’m inspired is feeling more connected to other people; and I hope I can occasionally pass along some kindness to them.
    Thanks for continuing your work on your blog; I usually stop by every few days.

  11. Lisa says:

    N?r jag blir v?ldigt inspirerad kan det f? mig att s?tta ig?ng och skapa sj?lv. Du vet man k?nner att man m?ste f?r man blir s? sugen n?r man sett n?got speciellt. F?rger f?r mig inspirerad.

    Sen kan man bli s? inspirerad av starka personer som ?vervinner sina hinder eller reser sig efter ett fall. Alla kan om man verkligen tror p? det sj?lv.

  12. Jag har ingen bra definition, men en sak vet jag, jag blir inspirerad n?r jag blir intresserad, och det blir jag av b?de din blogg och dina texter och dina bilder. De ?r vackar och kraftfulla. Jag blir ocks? inspirerad av att interagera med andra kreativa m?nniskor, p? det s?tt som du hittade till min blogg, jag till dina bilder osv, och det utbyte som uppst?r. Det driver mig enormt!

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