Name Game – How to Title your Art

Daily Art Card 081023

I love giving titles to things. Naming is an activity I love and I do it fast and without much effort. I name my art pieces, my blog posts and all of my art journals! And I take pride in them, both as titles to what they represent and as stand-alone entities that should “say” something or be plain beautiful…

Giving your art a name/title is to me a creative and fun game where I exercise both imagination and humour. Often I end up with what is in the serendipity of my thoughts at the moment when I?m typing the title. I seldom give it much thought so I?m not the best person to give advice on how to do it. So this post is not really a how-to even though it is?

How to name your art then?
The best way to find out what you like, as so many times in life, is to go about and practice! To me it?s a bit like writing poetry; I just play with words. And what could be more fun, right?

080930Mostly it is something that jumps into my mind. It could be a phrase, a word game, a song title (or a line from a song playing on the radio!), a quote? anything! Often of course it has something to do with the art itself. What I?m talking about more specifically today is my Daily Art Cards. Many of the Art Cards are collages and many of the collages have words and text all over. These have sometimes been named with one or several of those words, but not always. Most of the titles are in English, but not all of them.

I?ve done one Daily Art Card for each day this year and all of them have titles! That?s a lot of titles if you consider how long this year has been going on now. And actually I?m dead tired (yes I admit it) of naming right now. I still love making the cards, but my name supplier (left side of the brain?) is dry. I have several cards without name right now, and that feels sad! It?s kind of unfair to the poor collages and drawings that has not been properly welcomed into the world yet, because naming (at least when it comes to children) was always a way of saying ?welcome to the [art] community wee one!? Would you like to help? Please feel free to submit your suggestions below, for one or all of the cards. I?ll be cruel and pick the one I like the best for each card in an upcoming post. Titles on these cards can be a sentence, a word or what ever you think of first when you see it.

Be playful, be wicked, LOL at yourself; be you!

no name art
1. 081024, 2. 081022, 3. 081021, 4. 081017 (click on the date to get a bigger view of the cards)

more art with  no name (2)
5. 081020, 6. 081019, 7. 081018, 8. 081016

fabric art cards without name (3)
Fabric ones! 9. 081015, 10. 081014, 11. 081010, 12. 081009

Art Cards
13. 081028, 14. 081025, 15. 081026, 16. 081027

My creation
17. 081029, 18. 081030, 19. 081031, 20. 081011

My creation
21. 081012, 22. 081007, 23. 081003, 24. 081023

Guess this almost every card this month… please help!

Just remember to place a number before your title so I know which one you?re naming, for example ?1) Name of the Card, 2) Another Daily Card, 3) Third Name of Card 3, and so on?. If your title is not picked don?t be sad, see it as an exercise for naming your own art in the future. Have fun! And a big thank you if you take the time to help me!

I have no idea how other artists go about naming their art pieces but I would be interested to know! Feel free to share your thoughts on that too! Hope you’re voting too!! ;-)

Recently I accidentally named one of Marisa Haedike’s paintings which was fun! :-)

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31 Responses to Name Game – How to Title your Art

  1. kim mailhot says:

    Hi Hanna !
    Thanks for the fun naming game this morning ! I love naming things too, especially people ! I have nicknames for everyone (sometimes the people know about them and sometimes they don’t ;-) ) I have to say though, I do not always name my art… I don’t know what that means…?
    It must be a challenge to name a piece every day! I tend to be “punny” or like play on word titles so it’s so okay if you don’t like the titles I chose for some of your pieces. I had fun doing it anyway !
    081021 Love Flight
    081027 Talk to the Hand
    081029 Eye See Says the Blind Man
    081003 Whoo Knows ?
    081010 The Best Jeans I Ever Owned
    I am sure it will be lots of fun seeing what people come up with ! I will check back later !’
    Thanks again and cheers !

  2. iHanna says:

    Love them Kim, thanks!
    Did you get me a nickname? I want one too! ;-)

  3. maria says:

    6. 081016 L?ves the autumn bliss. Lite svengelska men roligt…
    16. 081027 Hands up!
    23. 081003 Bert-?ke Warg
    24. 081023 You and me Song (?r egentligen en titel p? en Wannadies l?t men det f?rsta som d?k upp i mitt huvud.)

  4. iHanna says:

    Haha, tack Maria! Var Bert-?ke Warg ugglan, i… Hedwig? Hmm… den ?r en ?ber-kluring!

  5. Hanna, I started naming in the card’s comments themselves before I read the rest of your post- sorry. Would this be a better way so you don’t have to go through everyone’s post for each card? Let me know and I’ll re-do them.


  6. iHanna says:

    it will be easier if I get the names in a list here in my blog but don’t worry, you don’t have to re-do yours! I’ll check them out at flickr. Thanks for helping Lin! :-)

  7. maria says:

    Jepp, i Fr?n a till ? var han ugglan!

  8. Miss Muffin says:

    I have to say, there are some amazing paintings in this blogentry!

  9. imelda says:

    Oh Hanna this can be sometimes very dificult to name a piece of art.
    Sometimes I do not get further then the colors I used. Not very unique. I’ll give it a go.
    21 Kiss the Prince
    22 Bambi Love
    01 Can’t use my eyes they roll out

  10. iHanna says:

    thanks for helping out, love the romantic suggestions! I too give my art color names, but because I use pink a lot… hehe, it becomes a bit boring after a while! :-) Take care! I’m still loving the book you sent!

  11. Hej Hanna! Det ?r sent, men jag tar de f?rsta tolv nu i alla fall:

    01. 081024 Moster Maria
    02. 081021 Fj?riln vingad …
    03. 081022 Mattskuren
    04. 081017 Wow – it’s NOW!
    05. 081020 Lillan l?ser
    06. 081019 Pippi p? gr?sl?k
    07. 081018 Ugly uggla
    08. 081016 And the leaves they are a-falling …
    09. 081015 What would it be but a joyful soul
    10. 081014 Notorious
    11. 081010 Raspberry Clouds
    12. 081009 Lace Lettuce

    Om Du gillar dem, kommer jag tillbaka imorgon eller s? och tar mig en dust med de ?vriga ;-)!

  12. Flassie says:

    03: Sometimes You Just Need to Breathe
    07: The Tears of a Rainbow Maker
    09: Lacy Illusions
    10: Blooming Blue Jeans
    11: Healthy Wisdom
    12: Saving Life, Living Green or Green Living
    14: Weaving a Nest of Thread
    15: Joyful Souls
    16: Color Change
    17:The Respect of Now
    18:The Playfulness of Being Wise
    19: Herb of Bird
    20: A leading thought of many dreams
    21: Blue Flight of Wisdom
    22: Searching for Wild Roses
    23: Sweet Admirer
    24: Overwhelmingly Concerned
    25: Trying to find her way or searching for truth
    26: Anwsered Prayer
    27: Idol Hands
    28: The Breathe of Spring
    29: The Power of Inspiring Thoughts
    30: Peacefully Creating
    31:Creating the Life She Wants

    Hope I named them all. That was fun!
    God Bless You and Yours and Your Creative Life!!!

  13. Flassie says:

    Sorry about that I went by the last #s in 0810 instead of
    1,2,3,4. Hope you can figure it out or I can redo later.

  14. Monica says:

    These art cards look like lots of fun. Hope you find the perfect names for all of them.

  15. MissKoolAid says:

    Here we go:
    1. Eyes Wide Open 2. Fleur de Rose 3. And together they flew away 4. Pink. Now. 5. The girl in the window 6. This bird rocks 7. 15, going on 5 8. Smell the colours 9. Second life 10. One blue rose 11. Magic garden 12. Hidden thoughts 13. Dance of the butterflies 14. On wings of a butterfly 15. Bambi’s new friend 16. Hands up 17. In the Scribbles or Merry little forest 18. Buddha says Hi! 19. Smell the roses 20. Do or Don’t 21. Wordy frog 22. Waiting for the rainbow 23. Idea Owl 24. Adopted Sisters


  16. Greta says:

    no names for art, sorry, but I did want to say, I LOVE the owls! My Univerisity’s mascot is an owl :D

  17. Kemp says:

    Missed reading your blog while I was on holiday!!!
    8. 081016- Autumn love
    12. 081009- Loops & Needles
    13. 081028- Summer buzz

  18. Zom says:

    the Daughter of the Madonna and a passing owl.

  19. JB Silks says:

    ok here’s my go;
    3. angel love
    7. owlord won’t you buy me..
    21. froggy paradise
    22. and the sky is blue..
    24. *i am so sweet*

    they are all great bye the way! love and light

  20. The titles usually come to me as I am creating. They evolve too as the paintings do; I rarely end up with what I planned on starting with.

  21. Cathy says:

    I have dried up for names too…boo hoo…lol but I do think 081028 should be “orange is life”. I love that picture with the little orange flowers.

    081018 should be “the word tree”
    081025 should be “dark flight”

    and that is me finished. I have had a look at the others and they are much better than mine. Hope you find nice titles Hanna.

  22. Flassie says:

    1) She turned white as a sheet in the midst of her an atmosphere filled with colors.
    2) Chasing Wild Roses
    3) Love on the Thrown of Wisdom
    4) Curtsy to the tune of Now
    5) Embracing the Imagination

  23. Chris says:

    Why does this happy post of yours make me teary-eyed? It’s so open! I think I’m a little emotional from the election here, and it’s spilling over. Life is good.

  24. Flassie says:

    I mean: 1) She turned white as a sheet in the midst of an atmosphere filled with colors.

  25. Flassie says:

    6) Holding Steady
    7) The Beginning of Wisdom or Learning to be Wise
    8) Winds of Change
    9) Material of a Joyful Soul
    10) Quilting Eggstaticlly
    11) Flower Stitches
    12) Pink Palette
    13) Rippling Ribit
    14) In the Shadows of a Dream
    15) Fa La La La La La Fawns
    16) Learning to Let Go
    17) Inspiring Ideas
    18) Meditating on Creative Thinking
    19) Just the Right Touch
    20) The Wisdom of a Healthy Lifestyle
    21) A Frogs Life
    22) Blue Heavens
    24) I Like You, I Like You Alot or I Love You, I Love You Alot

  26. Also important: what did you name your NaNoWriMo novel this year? I haven’t named mine yet, and the poor thing feels very sad. Back to work, but it was fun to take a break and look at your art!

    Perhaps in honor of my Swedish heritage, I will name my novel “Uff da!” or “Lutefisk”. Julekaga! No, “Lutefisk”. I love lutefisk. Very cool.
    Andrea in Minnesota, noveling at 3 a.m., not making much sense in English OR Swedish

  27. leah says:

    81024 the better to see you with
    81021 in flight
    81017 the time is now
    81016 autumn bliss (the words on there were perfect!)
    81009 over the garden wall
    81027 stop, be still
    81029 in my mind’s eye
    81030 underneath the layers
    81011 don’t
    81007 rain leads to rainbows
    81003 the wisdom of knowing nothing

    yep, that’s how i name art too, i listen for what pops into my head and go with it!

  28. Lisa says:

    Vilka UUNderbara kort! Sj?lv namnger jag mina m?lningar INNAN jag m?lar dom. Antingen en hel mening som jag sett i en tidning tex. “Hon vattnade alla blommorna b?de p? baksidan och framsidan av huset.” Och sen m?lar jag utifr?n det, eller s? om det ?r ett portr?tt eller liknande s? har jag ett namn, ?ven ett p?hittat, i tanken. tex. “Nu ska jag m?la Milea och hennes undulat”.

  29. Chris says:

    Okay, I bet I pick cards other people have picked already, but I don’t want to read people’s comments because they might influence me! So, here are some suggestions of mine:

    16. 081027 Hand of Fate
    8. 081016 Place of Resting
    6. 081019 Patchwork Song
    12. 081009 Slices
    17. 081029 Eye Fly

    Isn’t it interesting, looking at someone else’s work and trying to name it? It makes you look closer and more carefully…

  30. Flower Girl says:

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  31. Some very interesting art and a good way to name them

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