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A Good Girl that Rebels against Rules and needs a reset button…

I’m only doing this because Theresa tagged me, and she is one of my favorite bloggers and online friends. Mostly I don’t post about awards, memes and tags because the more people that read this blog the more emails I … Continue reading

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Pens and journals are always on my wish list

Winter delight! So what is a fountain pen then? A pen filled from an external source and containing an ink reservoir that automatically feeds the writing point. [From that has a great article about The History of the fountain … Continue reading

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Fountain Pen + black ink = true love

I was feeling low on energy and very depressed. Going into the bookstore didn’t help, neither did buying a new white journal with a cover print that looks like lace. You can not buy happiness, it comes in strange and … Continue reading

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Deco tape – it’s only my newest obsession

Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart. Mencius (Meng-Tse), 4th century BCE Maybe it was one or two years ago that I first spotted decoration tape online? I’ve never seen this Japanese stuff in any stores … Continue reading

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Colouring pages + free desktop wallpaper

When you’ve got nothing to do you create something to do… Old Swedish saying. I’ve doodled little creatures on paper everywhere. I do them when I’m on the train and got nothing else to do. Those random drawings that pop … Continue reading

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iHanna’s Guide to Stockholm – flea markets, crafts, art and fika

Hi, I’m not an expert but… …I have my favorite places in Stockholm, Sweden (I was born just outside the beautiful capital of Scandinavia)! …I’ve been asked so many times (and recently twice by e-mail) about my Do Not Miss … Continue reading

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Gesso Samlper with bubble wrap and sequin waste

This post is a Gesso Sampler as I’ve been experimenting with gesso this week for Crusade no 25! Gesso [‘dʒɛsːo] is the Italian word for “Board chalk” (akin to the Greek word “gypsum”), and is a powdered form of the … Continue reading

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Good Crafternoon everyone!

Good crafternoon everyone! It’s my new expression after listening to Sister Diane’s latest show! Listened to Diane’s podcast #80 (!!) Crafty Holiday Gatherings yesterday while experimenting with gesso sitting in my bed. I almost ruined my new jeans. The podcast … Continue reading

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…then I see what other people do

You are a creative person! You are that blank page to fill with text and then paint in rainbow colors! Tuesday 11th of November a girl wrote this message to me (I have shortened it a bit): Hi, Hanna! I … Continue reading

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Fleecy Winter Scarf with patchwork

A little something I whipped together by the sewing machine! Ta-da: I’ve made a fleecy winter scarf! Front side is a patchwork of pink fabrics, all ready-cut leftovers from the Pink Quilt I made finished this summer. I’m sitting inside … Continue reading

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