Sunflower mandala

Love is the answer.
Now, what is your question?
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Sun and sky photo by iHanna

I was out in the sun and took pictures in the garden today, freezing my hands off as I snapped photos of orange leaves and season evidence.

I haven’t downloaded those new photos into my computer just yet, so today I’m showing these huge flowers from dad’s garden.

Middle of sun

These Sunflower mandala’s are photos i took in late August. Right now the flowers are dark brown and the green leaves have holes and spots, as the autumn is making a statement once again.

sun flower

Today have been clicking around way too much I admit it. But I also did some nice finds and reading. I found Yvonne’s new Lifestyle blog and kept reading Ali‘s blog post on her Documenting a Week in Life-project. I think it’s a great idea and her posts are interesting and inspiring. I can’t help it but her blog is one of my favorites right now, even though she’s a scrapbooker! ;-) I think it’s because she has A Designers Eye for scrapbooking, and I might need to get one or three books by her next year. I’m so with her on her pursuit to document life! How ever you do it make sure you do!

sun flower

I also did add her post Week in the Life : Formula + Supplies to my list of great articles, where I guess it would be the formula I’m most intererested in, not the supplies or album sizes. And as she says;Keep it simple. Let the content be the star., wich is right up my alley and one of the reasons I don’t fancy some scrapbooking I’ve seen is just that, the content is sometimes not even visible under all that fancy-smancy emblishments and patterend papers! But there are lots of ways to view this art form, as I’ve been informed.

Purple daisy

Also added Tracey Clark‘s article The Great Indoors – on taking photos in the natural light of your home if you’re interested. It’s a great guide into experimenting with ISO and turning of that anyoing flash that pops up every time you try to take a photo indoors! I do it all the time, but often end up with blurry photos because of it. Thought it was a nice read anyway, check it out if you’re into photography and the light is getting low wher you live too these days… :-)

I ♥ photography and documentation so much!

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9 Responses to Sunflower mandala

  1. Serap says:

    I like taking flower photos. I like ur sunflower photo where the background is the blue sky. its really beautiful.

  2. leaca says:

    beautiful captures.
    I did the Ali challenge as well. I have only posted a few of my pics. I will post the final project when I am finished. =)

  3. Shell says:

    Love the pictures of the big sunflowers. Makes me think of summer.

  4. kelly says:

    Stunning photos – I love all the natural mandalas that surround us, it just shows the power of the mandala form.

  5. JAN says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes over at Patricia’s!!! Stop by and check out my Tea Party today…for my Birthday!


  6. Chris says:

    I love your photography, Hanna! I had sunflowers all over the house for almost two weeks and just now had to let them go. But it’s amazing what a difference they can make!
    Thank you for checking out my blog. I just finished all three plushie hearts and my other projects and now I can visit the blogs I’ve been missing! Yours is always great.

  7. Vilken underbar solros !!!

  8. Tammy says:

    The sunflower photos are stunning in detail and composition. Yummy!

  9. MANDALA REDOR says:


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