Le petit journal and the subconscious

O’hoy mates!
Today I feel better than I’ve done in the past two weeks. The cold have evaporated (finally) and it’s close to the weekend. This weeks Crowabout Collage Elements was posted as usual during Saturday and I printed and made a journal page with using the images just after that. But not until today I’ve had the time to scan it. One of the images had a newspaper header that says Le Petit Journal. I love that! I thought it could be a great name for a zine. This is the page I made:

Le Petit Journal
Art Journal Page by iHanna, September 2008.

My page is about me as a Writer, as you might have guessed from the image. The woman is a Writing Woman in smart slick clothes. On the outside she is a grown-up, but on the inside her imagination goes wild… Her mind goes Monkey Mind sometimes and ideas flies into her head all the time! See those newborn (birds) ideas? And the Monkey Mind? Haha, it’s fun to interpret your collage after you finish it. You see all kind of connections that wasn’t intentional but maybe subconscious?

The Writing Woman has all she needs with a pen in her beautiful hands, though she of course has a Richard Scarry-drawn typewriter handy too.

I have to run now, have a great day!

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6 Responses to Le petit journal and the subconscious

  1. Christy says:

    Great page! It captures your fun, creative spirit! Have a good weekend. :)

  2. She looks so sassy! She’s totally in charge of her monkey mind-ness!

  3. zakka life says:

    What a fun collage. I like how it represents you as well.

  4. Hilary says:

    Hey there! I know I don’t comment much, but I truly love your blog and all the inspirational crafts you show. So, I’ve nominated you for the I Love Your Blog Award — come by my blog to retrieve your ribbon!

  5. Michele says:

    You always have such wonderful pages! So creative and fun!! I’ve been admiring your work for a while, but finally thought I better say something! :)

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