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Traditional pot-holders and wild what if’s

I’ve sewn a pair of pot-holders with the cutest kitten print ever! We had just this little piece off this fabric and I wanted to give it maximum exposure and not cut any part of the fabric away. That’s why … Continue reading

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How to use Water Soluble Oil Pastels creating backgrounds

Oil pastel crayons are messy to use and don’t get out of their box very often. But the genius water soluble oil pastels should get out and dance over paper more often. The Water Soluble Oil Pastels are great crayons … Continue reading

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Acorn & friends living a still life

Still life n., pl. still lifes. 1. Representation of inanimate objects, such as flowers or fruit, in painting or photography. 2. A painting, picture, or photograph of inanimate objects. Empty pixie hats. Yellowing in September. Impressive seeds from that impressive … Continue reading

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What kind of crayon are you?

You know about all those online tests you can do to find out what kind of person you are? I hardly ever do them. They are about what kind of personality you have, what kind of color you’d be if … Continue reading

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Paper Patchwork | Notebooks waiting to be loved…

An empty and blank notebook is a notebook unloved. iHanna If you didn’t get enough inspiration in the tutorial yesterday (How to make a Paper Patchwork Notebook Cover) where I showed you how you can “dress up” a blank book … Continue reading

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How to make a Paper Patchwork Notebook Cover

It’s time to finally write this tutorial about how you can turn any ordinary notebook you’ve got into a colorful patchwork with any papers you’ve got at home! It was my mom who got me started, and that is quite … Continue reading

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Your Lucky Star Shines Through

This is the only reality there is. If you can get it down on paper, in words, notes, or color, so much the better. /Henry Miller Hello my dears! I was the lucky and very happy winner of

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Le petit journal and the subconscious

O’hoy mates! Today I feel better than I’ve done in the past two weeks. The cold have evaporated (finally) and it’s close to the weekend. This weeks Crowabout Collage Elements was posted as usual during Saturday and I printed and … Continue reading

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Make something using buttons

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. / Scott Adams No comments needed I think. You can see how these button bracelets have been made (using elastic … Continue reading

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Buttons brings out that childhood collector

The greatest poem ever known Is one all poets have outgrown: The poetry, innate, untold, Of being only four years old. /Christopher Morley, To a Child As I sat silently sewing green buttons to a knitted sweater my mom went … Continue reading

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