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I love a bit of craziness around the neck

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out. James Bryant Conant When I was visiting the city library I had a very nice time in the craft section. Perfectly placed in front of the knitting … Continue reading

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Art Quilt | Summer Playtime

I’ve been experimenting some with fabric and paint and sewing this summer. Just playing a bit, having fun and not expecting much of an outcome because I didn’t know what I was doing. When you have no expectations on your … Continue reading

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3 beautiful things today

Daily Art Card made 6th of July. Collage. 1. Being able to give my grandmother a car ride to take a test at the doctors today and then buying milk too – it feels so nice to be able to … Continue reading

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C’est moi Lisbeth – collage exhibition inspiration

More mixed media art inspiration today as I just have to post about this lovely exhibition I’ve been to! It is called C’est moi – impressions from Bonnieux and it includes sculptures, goauche paintings and collages by one of my … Continue reading

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Collage Unleashed by Traci Bautista – a book review

Traci Bautista’s only book so far, Collage Unleashed, was published in 2006 but I just recently bought and read it. Maybe you already own or have read it, but for newbies like me I thought I’d share my thoughts on … Continue reading

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Viking Age Fun – crafting one thousand years ago…

Viking Age is the time from about 800 to 1066 in Scandinavian History. The vikings explored Europe by its oceans and rivers through trade and warfare. But we vikings apparently did more than steal and plunder, as it was mostly … Continue reading

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A notebook collectors wet dream

My friend Ellinor in one of our favorite paper shops. It’s small but has a very nice selection of beautiful papers, pens, notebooks, albums, stamps and stuff. When I visited last they had hang these very beautiful Japanese papers in … Continue reading

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My Diary is my Best Friend

My hand moves across the page, and I’m liking my own handwriting. It feels strange to like it now, I’ve disliked it for so long! I want to create sentences that are beautiful, like poetry. But what comes out is … Continue reading

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Renewing your domain name

Daily Art Card made 30 of June and scanned in today. Another one of my cards is feautred on the doodle art squidoo page today! I’ve renewed my domain name, so I’ll continue to be the owner of it … Continue reading

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Glitter necklaces from fused glass

I realize now I should have tried to take photos of my fused glass pieces in a better light before building up the suspense yesterday, but here they are anyway, fused and glory; My glass! What do you think? Not … Continue reading

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