Wish list – birthday coming up

My thrifted find from this week is this mini pot with flowers:

Painting some
I made a drawing of it (a Daily Art Card) and colored it with watercolors:

Daily Art Card 12/4

I’m looking through amazon.com to find “the best books” to order for me. It is slow and irritatingly difficult! I’ve been wanting to order books from my Wish list since last time I had some money to buy books with, that must be two years ago soon? Now my birthday is coming up this week and my parents have given me money to buy books for! I want to look through every book about craft, collage and journaling and now I have to decide which one will gain me most.

I’ve decided to get Collage Unleashed by Traci Bautista, because I think I will like her style of collage and painting. But Corey Moortgat’s book The Art of Personal Imagery is jumping on and off the shopping cart. I love to use personal imagery but I already own a book about altering images and I don’t know if this will teach me new things?

Almost full
My handbound diary is now almost full and I need to choose a next one!

On my wish list:

Transparent pocket

What I really need is another thing; like new jeans, fix my bike, get a desk, find a job… I also want to find transparent plastic pockets somewhere. These little sleeves are great for putting on the inside cover of journals, notebooks and anywhere where you tuck in little notes and papers! I love them, but I can’t find any, the ones I had are gone now. Any tips? They have a sticker surface on the backside and I recommend you to buy a whole pack if you find it!

Next week it’s my blog’s birthday too, guess how many years I’ve been writing a blog now? And do you know when I put up my first homepage?

Which would you choose?
In the journaling category I’ve browsed through

And it’s the same with inspirational books about collage – I want all of them!

Dirty water

My Amazon.com Wish ListYes, it’s a problem that I can’t decide what I want! Help? I guess I should just have picked up the first book I found and bought it. But I’m so curious I always want to “see everything” before I make a decision. I love researching, but online researching about books is difficult. I need this pile of books by my bed to make an accurate decision about which one I want to keep!

I’ll be back soon with some projects I’ve finished! Take care girls!

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4 Responses to Wish list – birthday coming up

  1. Jan says:

    My store carries something like your clear sleeves. Only mine are more like pass protectors. You might imagine a photo ID would be inside and then hung from a lanyard. They come in varying sizes. But I’m sure they don’t have sticky on the back. Let me know if you want me to look into them for you.

  2. Nikki says:

    If you don’t already have it, Lynne Perella’s Artists Journals and Sketchbooks is worth every penny. It has TONS of ideas and techniques. I never met a collage book I didn’t like, but this is a tried and true favorite.

    Oh, and on the pockets – I’ve seen them in offices I’ve worked in. Maybe try the catalogs of the big office supply stores?

  3. Fiona says:

    Enjoy your book selection. I’ve just finished Corey Moortgat’s book – thoroughly recommend it for the ideas behind the creative process and the art itself.

  4. tine says:

    I’d love to see the whole watercolour you painted of that gorgeous mug!!!!!!!!!

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