Amigurumi duckling from a pattern

Duckling When I received the book Kyuuto I decided to try to make an amigurumi from a pattern. My previous ones I’ve made free hand. I didn’t think I would need the book except for great visual inspiration, but I’m so glad I did try one of the patterns! It was easy, fun and my first little amigurumi-from-a-pattern friend is so cute! I made the duckling in yellow wool and I love how both the head and body are so much rounder than other bodies I’ve made! I finished the parts rather fast but since then I’ve been looking for the plastic eyes I know I had somewhere! Now I’ve finally found those eyes and little duckling has been introduced to the world outside and met some new friends. I want to make more animals from this book that’s for sure.


I recommend the book Kyuuto to anyone who wants to try an easy and fun craft!

Friends for ever
New friends.

Meep meep!

Teddy bear

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7 Responses to Amigurumi duckling from a pattern

  1. Macoco says:

    oh my gosh that little duck is so sweet!

  2. Laura says:

    What an adorable little duck friend!


    Is that book for crochet or knit or both?

  4. gkgirl says:

    i ADORE this…
    i wish i could master the mystery of crochet.


  5. dinah says:

    they are so sweet, i would never have the patience to do it right! lol

    I was hoping you could help recommend some books to get me started. I am very interested in the mixed media, folk or primitive art. I would like to do paintings like that but I have a lot to learn. I would like to do stuff in the vein of you, Suzi Blu, Paulette Insall, Kelly Rae Roberts, and Tascha. I?ve searched for books on mixed media, it?s hard to find ones that are not just on collage mixed media. I would appreciate it if you would recommend some books to get me on my way.

    thank you,

  6. sama says:

    My god! Va s?t han blev! Det kallar jag ett lyckat projekt!

  7. iHanna says:

    The Caffeinated Crafter;
    only crochet in this book!

    absolutly no mystery to crocheting. My wee duck is only made with little loops going through each other in the round. Ask someone to show you and you’ll be crocheting like crazy soon! It’s a lot of fun!

    to get you started all I have to say is: get going girl! To practice painting all you have to do is start painting. It’s acrylic paint and a brush on canvas or paper!

    The background collages and other techniques you can pick up from books, but to find your own style of painting you need to try it out. Try to copy Suzi and Paulette to learn how to do it, both make excelent videos as you know, but then try to find your own style of painted girls/figures/people! I don’t own any books on painting but I do love the inspiration and tutorials that you’ll find in the magazine Paper Cloth Scissor so I recommend you to check that out!

    Good luck and let me know how it goes! Have fun too!

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